Contact: Ryan Zaczek
Ability Level: Beginner,Intermediate
Age Range: 5-12

Registration for 23/24 Sierra Team Programs opens May 10th at 11am.


The Rippers program is the first step into Sierra Teams, and is perfect for young skiers/snowboarders (ages 5-12 ) who are who are looking to master the fundamentals and are ready for consistent support. With the same coach, Rippers will enjoy hours of dedicated coaching in a fun, team environment. We provide parents with an outline of training goals each week, as well as a slew of fun Rippers-only competitions and activities, like Ski With Maddie Bowman Day, to encourage love for the sport and exposure to aspects of upper level skiing/snowboarding including alpine racing, park skiing/riding and moguls. We believe competition is an excellent means for progression and motivator for on-hill development.

Rippers Team Skills

The minimum skill requirement for joining the Rippers team is the athlete must be able to consistently link turns down green terrain and have used a chairlift.

Athletes will continue with the Rippers Team until they can comfortably turn on advanced terrain.

Not sure what team to choose? Take a look below to help guide you in choosing which team best fits your skiing/riding goals. Each table below, lists each Sierra team's corresponding skills or abilities.

  • Rippers Ski Teams
  • Desire to Learn
  • Linked Turns on Beginner Terrain
  • Rippers Snowboard Teams
  • Desire to Learn
  • Linked Turns on Beginner Terrain
  • Ski Development Teams
    (Alpine, Freeride, All Mtn)
  • Attitude to Learn and Grow
  • Flex your Boot to Engage the Ski Tip
  • Functional Pole Plant
  • Symmetrical Turns on Intermediate terrain
  • Controlled Hockey stops (L+R)
  • Effective use of Blending Skills E/P/R
  • Learn More
  • Snowboard Development Teams
  • Attitude to Learn and Grow
  • Twist the Board
  • Pivot Slip
  • Symmetrical Turns on Intermediate Terrain
  • Flat Base Run
  • Blending Skidded & Carved Turns as Conditions dictate
  • Learn More
  • Ski Competition Teams
    (Alpine, Freeride)
  • Desire to learn and compete
  • Aggressive athletic posture on all terrain
  • Pivot slips on all terrain
  • Hips and knees over toes
  • Dynamic feet and hands
  • Swivel hips
  • Learn More
  • Snowboard Competition Teams
  • Desire to learn and compete
  • Aggressive athletic posture on all terrain
  • Symmetrical turns in intermediate bumps
  • Comfortable riding switch
  • Straight air jumps
  • Perform a 360 anyway you choose
  • Learn More

2023/24 Rates

  Age Range Rate
(Sat + Sun)
5-12   $2,185

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(Thurs Only)
5-12  $1,435

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Benefits Same coach and same team each week. Master fundamentals of skiing/riding. Team building + confidence. Includes an Unlimited Season Pass.

2023/24 Rippers Calendar

Weekend Rippers

The Weekend Rippers Teams meet on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 weekends through the season for a total of 20 all day sessions.  Training sessions start at 9:30am and continue until 3:30pm.  

Thursday Rippers

The Thursday Rippers Teams meet 12 Thursdays through the season.  Training sessions start at 9:30am and continue until 3:30pm. 

Download 2023/2024 Rippers Calendar .

Good to Know

  • Start Time: teams will be on-snow between 9:30 am - 3:30 pm each day with a break for lunch. We strongly recommend planning to check-in at 9:15 am as we generally head up the Grandview lift at 9:30 am.
  • Coach Consistency: Each team will benefit from the dedicated coaching team both on Saturdays and Sundays for improved consistency and long term skill development.
  • Lunch is not included. Please remember to pack a nutritious lunch and snacks or provide lunch money.
  • Drop-off and pick-up will take place on the snow in front of the Plaza next to the Easy Rider Chairlift.
  • Rippers is a non-competitive program with an emphasis on skills development
  • The program is staffed by Sierra coaches who are specifically trained under our senior coaching staff to implement a specifically designed curriculum and Sierra Team philosophy.
  • Participants must be able to get on and off the chairlift without help and be able to make controlled turns down all green runs.
  • Participation in competitions is not mandatory.
  • Coaches will not be available to eat lunch with your athletes. Please talk to your coach in the morning to see when to meet your athlete to take them for lunch. 

Contact Us

Questions can be directed to 530.543.3180 or .

Skiing/Riding at Sierra has Many Perks

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