Parks for Every Level of Rider

Sierra's world class Park and Pipe offerings include a nationally recognized halfpipe and parks. With a strong focus on progression, we strive to provide fun and progressive features for all ability levels. 

Practice Smart Style in every Park + Pipe you drop into!

In return, we promise that our park crew, combined with Mother Nature's good graces, we'll continue to build the features you crave like we've been doing for over 20 years.

Burton Progression Park

Sierra's Burton Progression Park is ideal for beginners and freestyle first-timers. As part of Sierra's new Smart Terrain on Easy Street, this park is carefully designed with low-to-the-ground boxes and small jumps to build confidence and balance. The traffic in this park moves at a pace that's perfect for learning.

Lift access: Easy Rider

Status: View Here

Broadway Park

This early and late season park is perfect to get your park legs back warmed up. The Broadway park has small to medium features and is the place to see and be seen from the Easy Rider chair.

Lift access: Easy Rider

Status: View Here

Upper Snowshoe

Once you've gained freestyle confidence in the Burton Progression Park, this park on Upper Snowshoe is the next step in learning jump flow, grabs, and small spins. The small jump line continues well down the run, allowing for plenty of hits to dial your new tricks.

Lift access: Grandview

Status: View Here

Upper Main

Upper Main is back! After progressing your tricks on Upper Snowshoe take your skills to Upper Main. Upper Main has a plethora of small to medium rail features as well as both small to medium jumps!

Lift access: Nob Hill

Status: View Here


Upper and Lower Bashful are one longggggg, amazing ride. This park is packed with medium to large jump lines, hips, rails, boxes, butter pads, pole jams, creeper towers...there are features every where!

Lift access: West Bowl

Status: View Here

The Alley

This south facing park is designed for fast progression with tons of small and medium jib options, a flowing medium triple jump line, a smaller double jump line, often soft snow and a devoted, fast-lapping lift. Coupled with park crew's jams rocking on the speakers, The Alley is a freestyle stomping ground with terrain and a chill vibe that builds your trick repertoire.

Lift access: Short Stuff

Status: View Here


Sierra builds and carefully maintains its nationally recognized Halfpipe. Rock Garden is a devoted chair lift for the pipe so it's easy to put a ton of laps under your feet.

Lift access: Rock Garden

Status: View Here

Smokey Boardercross

A full-time BoarderX course, Smokey is perfect for racing your friends.

Lift access: Grandview Express and El Dorado

Status: View Here

Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday

Every Tuesday we’re turning our attention to Sierra’s Nationally-recognized terrain parks by giving our guests a chance to design features + eventually dream up + build their very own terrain park.

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Keep Sierra Clean Day

Protecting the environment is a year-round job and anyone who Love’s Sierra is invited to attend to help clean up their favorite mountain! So, come on out and lend a day to giving back to the environment that gives you so much joy all winter long.

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