Simply click the button below to activate or reload your ticket before hitting the slopes at Sierra.

Activate/Reload Card

Instructions to Activate/Reload Your Ticket:

Need More Guidance? Watch the following video or check out the step-by-step instructions below to get you ready to play.

Activate/Reload Card

Step-by-Step Instructions:

If the video didn't do the job or you simply like to follow instructions one step at a time, click on the button below that relates to the device you are using to activate or reload your ticket.

Snowflakes Skis

How To Use RFID

Don’t hold up the line. Follow these four simple instructions when using your RFID card and get on the slopes faster!

DO place RFID ticket in a left-hand side sleeve or pocket.

DON'T place near your wallet, phone, or other RFID device (this will block the signal).

DON'T bend or hole-punch your card—this may damage the card and you will need to purchase a replacement.

DO *reload your card for days & seasons to come!

*Reload ability available starting this December after first purchase is made and you received your card.

How to use your RFID card