Lifts Open
/ 14
Trails Open
/ 46
Trails Groomed
/ 46
Conditions as of April 23, 2017 at 8:04 AM
Lift Status
Trail Status
Parks & Pipe
Huckleberry Gates
Frontside Lifts Status Open Trails
Easy Rider Express Open 3
Easy Street Slider Carpet Open 0
Easy Street Chill Carpet Open 0
Grandview Express Open 9
Nob Hill Open 14
Rock Garden Closed 3
Tahoe King Closed 0
Thunder Gulch Carpet Closed 0
Tubing Hill Tow Closed 0
Wild Mountain Carpet Open 0
Backside Lifts Status Open Trails
El Dorado Closed 0
Short Stuff Closed 0
West Bowl Status Open Trails
Puma Closed 0
West Bowl Express Open 9
Easier Trails Open Groomed? Access
Aspen Yes Yes Rock Garden
Aspen West Yes No Rock Garden
Bear Yes Yes Nob Hill
Broadway Yes Yes Easy Rider
Corkscrew Yes Yes Nob Hill
Easy Street Yes Yes Easy Rider
Echo Yes Yes Rock Garden
Ego Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Sleighride Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Sugar n' Spice Yes Yes Nob Hill
Marten Yes Yes Grandview
Royal Trail Yes Yes Nob Hill
Spur Yes Yes Nob Hill
The Alley No No Nob Hill
Upper Main Yes Yes Nob Hill
Upper Snowshoe Yes No Grandview
Upper Sugar n' Spice Yes Yes Grandview
Wagon Trail No No Grandview
More Difficult Trails Open Groomed? Access
Bashful No No West Bowl
Beaver Yes Yes West Bowl
Coyote No No Grandview
Dogwood Yes Yes West Bowl
Escape Yes Yes West Bowl
Hemlock Yes Yes Grandview
Lobo No No Grandview
Lower Bashful Yes Yes West Bowl
Lower Castle Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Main Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Powderhorn No No West Bowl
Lower Snowshoe Yes Yes Grandview
Marmot Yes Yes West Bowl
Pyramid Yes Yes West Bowl
Shortswing Yes Yes Grandview
Smokey No No Grandview
Upper Powderhorn Yes Yes West Bowl
Upper Sleighride Yes No Nob Hill
Most Difficult Trails Open Groomed? Access
Castle Yes Yes Grandview
Chute Yes No Nob Hill
Clipper Yes No West Bowl
Eastabout No No Grandview
Horsetail Yes Yes West Bowl
Jackrabbit Yes No Grandview
Lower Dynamite Yes No Nob Hill
Preacher's Passion No No Grandview
Rerun No No Grandview
Upper Dynamite Yes No Grandview
Parks Open # Features Open Access
The Alley Park No 21 Short Stuff
Bashful Park No 16 West Bowl
Smokey Boarder X Park No 30 Grandview
Burton Progression Park No 0 Easy Rider
Upper Main Park Yes 6 Nob Hill
Upper Snowshoe Park Yes 34 Grandview
Broadway Terrain Park Yes 12 Easy Rider
Pipe Open # Features Open Access
Aspen Halfpipe Yes 1 Rock Garden
Huckleberry Gates Open Comments
Gate 1 No None
Gate 2 No None
Gate 3 No None
Gate 4 No None
Gate 5 No None
Customer Appreciation Day

Hit the slopes for the final day of the season & send winter out with a bang on your favorite mountain! Customer Appreciation Day is dedicated to reminiscing about the plentiful powder days with high fives in celebration of another awesome season! Lift ticket proceeds will benefit youth recreation and education including baseball, soccer, swimming and other youth activities in South Lake Tahoe. 

Event Deets
Spend Your Spring at Sierra-at-Cabo

Springtime is here and Sierra-at-Tahoe is bringing those sunshine spring vibes to you with #SierraAtCabo. In classic #CertifiedUnserious fashion, we're taking it to the next level this spring and turning the resort into your very own spring-break mountain getaway with fun events, sunshine + high fives! Not to mention all the sunscreen and Hawaiian t-shirts you can get your hands on.

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