Lifts Open
/ 14
Trails Open
/ 46
Trails Groomed
/ 46
Conditions as of March 24, 2018 at 6:12 AM
Lift Status
Trail Status
Parks & Pipe
Huckleberry Gates
Frontside Lifts Status Open Trails
Easy Rider Express Open 3
Easy Street Slider Carpet Open 0
Easy Street Chill Carpet Open 0
Grandview Express Open 20
Nob Hill Open 15
Rock Garden Open 3
Tahoe King Closed 0
Thunder Gulch Carpet Open 0
Tubing Hill Tow Closed 0
Wild Mountain Carpet Open 0
Backside Lifts Status Open Trails
El Dorado Closed 0
Short Stuff Open 0
West Bowl Status Open Trails
Puma Closed 0
West Bowl Express Open 11
Easier Trails Open Groomed? Access
Aspen Yes Yes Rock Garden
Aspen West Yes Yes Rock Garden
Bear Yes Yes Nob Hill
Broadway Yes Yes Easy Rider
Corkscrew Yes Yes Nob Hill
Easy Street Yes Yes Easy Rider
Echo Yes Yes Rock Garden
Ego Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Sleighride Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Sugar n' Spice Yes Yes Nob Hill
Marten Yes Yes Grandview
Royal Trail Yes Yes Nob Hill
Spur Yes Yes Nob Hill
The Alley Yes No Nob Hill
Upper Main Yes Yes Nob Hill
Upper Snowshoe Yes No Grandview
Upper Sugar n' Spice Yes Yes Grandview
Wagon Trail Yes Yes Grandview
More Difficult Trails Open Groomed? Access
Bashful Yes Yes West Bowl
Beaver Yes Yes West Bowl
Coyote Yes No Grandview
Dogwood Yes Yes West Bowl
Escape Yes Yes West Bowl
Hemlock Yes Yes Grandview
Lobo Yes No Grandview
Lower Bashful Yes Yes West Bowl
Lower Castle Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Main Yes Yes Nob Hill
Lower Powderhorn Yes Yes West Bowl
Lower Snowshoe Yes Yes Grandview
Marmot Yes Yes West Bowl
Pyramid Yes Yes West Bowl
Shortswing Yes Yes Grandview
Smokey Yes No Grandview
Upper Powderhorn Yes Yes West Bowl
Upper Sleighride Yes No Nob Hill
Most Difficult Trails Open Groomed? Access
Castle Yes Yes Grandview
Chute Yes No Nob Hill
Clipper Yes No West Bowl
Eastabout Yes No Grandview
Horsetail Yes No West Bowl
Jackrabbit Yes No Grandview
Lower Dynamite Yes No Nob Hill
Preacher's Passion Yes No Grandview
Rerun Yes Yes Grandview
Upper Dynamite Yes No Grandview
Parks Open # Features Open Access
The Alley Park No 0 Short Stuff
Bashful Park No 0 West Bowl
Smokey Boarder X Park No 0 Grandview
Burton Progression Park Yes 3 Easy Rider
Upper Main Park Yes 11 Nob Hill
Upper Snowshoe Park Yes 17 Grandview
Broadway Terrain Park Yes 16 Easy Rider
Pipe Open # Features Open Access
Aspen Halfpipe No 0 Rock Garden
Huckleberry Gates Open Comments
Gate 1 Yes None
Gate 2 Yes None
Gate 3 Yes None
Gate 4 Yes None
Gate 5 No None
Ski Snowflakes

Take A Look Behind-the-Scenes

Inside Look at Sierra's Grooming Ops

They only come out at night, these nocturnal animals prime and primp the mountain, but rarely are they seen after the chairs start to spin. Go Inside Ops, to get a sneak peek at tales from the trails rarely told... until now.

Inside Look at Sierra's Ski Patrol

Celebrating the team that keeps us safe on the mountain all season. Thank you Sierra Ski Patrol.

Inside Look at Sierra's Terrain Park Ops

Get a sneak peek at our passionate and highly skilled crew (aka Park Gnomies) who meticulously handshape each of our our nationally-recognized terrain parks for our park loving guests.

Your 18/19 Ticket to Rip It

Spring is right around the corner, which means pastel colors, the Easter Bunny, and allergy sniffles. It also means 2018/19 season passes are on sale! The Certified Unserious Season Pass is your all-access ticket to rip it, packed with awesome goodies sure to leave you tickled.

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We Love to Shred + Shred the Love!

We are stoked to welcome back our friends at Boarding for Breast Cancer for Shred the Love! This event will raise money so we can fight to stomp out breast cancer. We will be celebrating this awesome cause with a full day of live music, a rail jam, silent auction, a huge raffle and good vibes a-plenty. Come on out for great energy and tons of fun!

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