Top 5 Moments of 2016/17

Snow Reporter
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What an incredible season!  2016/17 was definitely a winter for the books.  Filled with endless pow days, steezy park days, and majestical groomer days, Mother Nature gave us a little bit of everything.  You da (wo)man MN! With 625” inches of snowfall, how can we not reminisce on all the radical times with the buds? Time to revisit our top 5 moments… so grab that bucket of popcorn, sit back, kick up your feet and let’s do this.

5. Huck Cup presented by the 2017 Subaru Impreza

I'm telling you guys, Larry Enticer himself would have considered this a day of full send.  Located in our very own amphitheater of backcountry heaven, Huckleberry Canyon offered competitors 320 acres of natural terrain prime for going big or going home. Competitors from all over the world came to compete in this 2* world qualifier to earn points in the Freeride World Tour.  Spectators and judges soaked up the sunshine as they witnessed athletes drop cliffs 20x their own size. Some successful, others sending er' deep in the cabbage... whichever the outcome, the amount of send was no joke.  The event was not only visible from the canyon itself, but from any of our restaurants + even your own computer from the comfort of your bed! That's right, we had all the action live streamed so that you wouldn't miss a thing. Ya know we gotchu.. we like ya a lot ;)

4. Sierra-at-Cabo

In true #CertifiedUnserious Style and Steeze, Sierra-at-Tahoe transforms to Sierra-at-Cabo during the springtime, complete with fun events, sunshine, HalfPipe laps + high fives! Not to mention all the sunscreen and Hawaiian t-shirts you can get your hands on.  Fielders Derby hooked the homies up with the steeziest of steezy Hawaiian Ts known to mankind.  Money$$.  While many other resorts around Lake Tahoe (and the country) are becoming increasingly homogenous, we aim to provide a fun, laid back atmosphere that radiates the authentic California ski experience. No villages or expensive shopping… just skiing and snowboarding in the sun with your buds. It's that same authentic vibe that keeps the soul and fun of skiing and riding alive and well. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?!

3. The ONLY HalfPipe in South Shore

Mahalo ya surfers, the white wave was all the rave once springtime hit.  Full sun, full send, Hawaiian T, stunner shades + your buds made for the perfect pipe day.  Our terrain park crew was on their A-game all season long with parks in Upper Snowshoe, Upper Main, The Alley, Bashful, Smokey SBX and Broadway.  Each upholding standards of our nationally recognized terrain parks. Our 18ft HalfPipe was built to perfection allowing all ability levels to giver a good ole "dropping!" and surf the wave. I mean who doesn't love a stunt ditch?  Not to mention we brought back Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday giving you park rats something to look forward to every week! 

2. The Place to Learn

You gotta start somewhere!  Why not Sierra? I guess I should backtrack... instead of why not... I can tell you why.  It's the perfect place to learn! Our terrain based learning gives first-timers a unique experience, keeping them on their feet more often than not.  That implies more smiles + more hot laps.  Giving you a learning package for as low as $49, it truly is a no-brainer. Sierra has terrain from beginner to expert, meaning you can experience it all as you start to get the hang of it! Lessons don't stop with beginners... we'll have you at expert level in no time ;)


"El Dorado will be on a delayed opening today" LOL ok seriously you guys, if this picture doesn't speak for the winter we had, then I don't know what does! HOLY POW. This was quickly deemed as a "typical" morning here at Sierra. Waking up to 2 feet of snow was no shocker by the time January hit. Not sure about all of you, but when asked my thoughts on this winter, I'm left pretty speechless... "wow, just wow" is honestly the first thing that comes to mind.  With a total of 625" of snowfall + of that 625, 255" being in January ALONE is INSANE!  We really we're januburried.  This winter showed us that a lot of snow is amazing but also a lot of work... shout out to our amazing Ski Patrol crew for all the hard work put into keeping us safe and happily snagging freshies day after day. 

That's a wrap people! We hope you enjoyed the 2016/17 season as much as we did. Our most memorable moments surpass just these 5, but this blog would be never ending if we did that... if you're itching for more stalk us on social media! We made sure the most radical moments were documented.  Scoop that season pass for next year if you want to make sure you experience as much #CertifiedUnserious fun and unreal powder days as possible.  Until then, catch ya on the lake for some summer shredding!