Snow Reporter
Friday, March 17, 2017


Why waste money on a flight to Mexico when you can experience Cabo here at your favorite resort? That’s right, this spring we’re bringing you Sierra-at-Cabo: the ultimate beach-vibed (yes, I just made that term up) shredtastic get-away! You may be asking yourself why, just why? You’re also probably thinking beach vibes and snow don’t go hand-in-hand. Well, think again cause oh boy... it’s happening.

In true #CertifiedUnserious Style and Steeze, Sierra-at-Tahoe transforms to Sierra-at-Cabo during the springtime, complete with fun events, sunshine, HalfPipe laps + high fives! Not to mention all the sunscreen and Hawaiian t-shirts you can get your hands on.  Money$$.  While many other resorts around Lake Tahoe (and the country) are becoming increasingly homogenous, we aim to provide a fun, laid back atmosphere that radiates the authentic California ski experience. No villages or expensive shopping… just skiing and snowboarding in the sun with your buds. It's that same authentic vibe that keeps the soul and fun of skiing and riding alive and well. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?!

So, save that flight to Mexico for another day.  Hop on our website and get your 3-PAK ahead of time or better yet, our spring passes are on sale now ! Why make spring break just one week long… when you could make it a whole season?! Granted when the snow falls again we’ll be back in the mindset of powder refills, but you’ll at least get the best of both worlds.

So why choose Sierra-at-Cabo? Look forward to live music, demo days, competitions + more !  We even have a demo day that would allow for a switch day (say whatttt). Jump out of your comfort zone + swap the board for a pair of skis or vice versa.  The perfect "unserious" opportunity.  You have Boarding for Breast Cancer to look forward to… which has you boarding for a purpose! Donate to the cause, jib it up in the rail jam, two-step it to some live tunes, relax with some morning yoga, or simply work on that goggle tan as you soak up those sunny rays.  We’re not done just yet. Buckle Up Big Air follows shortly after. Why not end your season getting a little sendy? It’d be rude not to, am I right? And in order to keep the good vibes flowing we’ve got the Salsa Showdown . Free food? Ugh yeahhh count me in. Taste test or even compete in the event with your own magical salsa creation as you enjoy the last weekend we’re open!

I’m telling you this is the go-to move. Throw on that Hawaiian-T, that sunscreen, those sunny day lenses (or stunner shades), your favorite bucket hat and let’s have some Certified Unserious Fun this spring break. Mahalo ya surfers, it’s time to get radical with the buds. Shotskis you’re on the bench, flabongos suite up. Sierra-at-Cabo 2017 leggooooo.