Sierra Collab Skateboard

Snow Reporter
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

You know the typical items that ski resorts slap their logo on. Lanyards, key chains, stickers, yada yada yada. At Sierra-at-Tahoe, we wanted to take it a step further to create something radical. We reached out to some close friends of ours, Tyler Grabowski and John Larigakis, to design skateboard graphics worthy of the #CertifiedUnserious distinction.

Aluminati Skateboards generously provided the chassis for these mind-melting graphics to lay on. We saw their booth at a trade show and instantly connected. Like That’s So Raven, we both have a vision of sustainability and a playful attitude. Aluminati Skateboards, much like their name suggests, manufactures their decks with 100% recycled aluminum. So if your Red Bull or Pepsi cans are lucky, they’ll end up greasing rails in the afterlife. Here’s more about the artists and the graphics that went on these totally metal (rock on) skateboards:

Tyler Grobowski is an Illustrator/Designer based out of Santa Cruz, CA. He’s done work with Amazon, Red Bull Media house, K2 Snowboarding, and many others. Check out his site to see more! When he’s not chillin in the shady Santa Cruz Mountains, you can find him shredding our mountain on his snowboard. Here’s what Tyler came up with for his Aluminati Skateboard graphic: 

grabowski sierra board

On a scale of 1 to Mona Lisa, we think Tyler’s graphic is an 11. If you look closely, you’ll notice some design elements that pay homage to Sierra. First off, there are 3 gold medals to represent our Golden Girls (Jamie AndersonMaddie Bowman and Hannah Teter), who all won big in the Winter Olympics. Next, you’ll see the Powder Hound (self-explanatory) and snowman riding up a lift. We’re actually not sure of the significance of the snowman, but hey, who doesn’t love jolly ol’ Frosty? Some other key features are our all-seeing trees, blanketed in a thick coat of moss for cold winter months, along with the Beverly Hillbillies-style station wagon (which we presume is a Subaru of course!). We suggest taking some more time to look for the hidden treasures, but if your search lasts for longer than 4 hours, please consult your doctor.


Next, we have John Larigakis. John is an Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator out of Vancouver, BC. He has collaborated with Netflix, Snapchat, Volkswagen, and many more. Visit his site to explore further! If his artwork seems familiar, that’s because he also creates the #CertifiedUnserious character illustrations for us at Sierra. Small world huh? Tyler’s Aluminati Skateboard graphic is right here for your viewing pleasure:

larigakis sierra board

If this graphic doesn’t make you want to slap some sunscreen on your nose and surf the cement waves, you’re out of your mind. You’ll notice some tributes to Sierra in this piece as well. First, Tahoe! The jewel of the Sierras, as it’s called, is prominently displayed in the foreground. It’s also home to Tahoe Tessie, a serpent-like creature second in rarity only to a ski bum with clean socks. You can also find a California Grizzly and Raven, two animals synonymous with Sierra’s culture. All of this is wrapped up in a sunny, Certified Unserious package sure to make you smile as you’re droppin’ in.

For now, these skateboards will be produced in a limited run and will be available in Sierra Mountain Sports starting opening day, so even if you’re not headed up to slide the snow, you can pop in and get your hands on one. Until then, check out our artist pals’ websites along with Aluminati Skateboards to see some more rad designs. We think you’ll agree that all three are worthy of the #CertifiedUnserious honor!