Snow Reporter
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

By now you’ve probably cracked open your trusty Merriam Webster dictionary to look up what “Certified Unserious” means. This may come as a shock, but you won’t find it in there. Why? Well, here at Sierra-at-Tahoe, we bestowed the Certified Unserious badge upon ourselves to distinguish us from the increased seriousness plaguing the snowsports industry. We mean it when we say we take fun seriously. 

While that doesn’t mean we cut any corners on safety or efficiency, we’re focused on delivering a more playful mountain experience to preserve the soul of skiing. After all, it’s only sliding on snow! Of course, we couldn’t do this alone, and that’s why we have a dedicated team of characters committed to keeping mountain operations “unserious.” Let’s have a look at what each of these characters do to bring fun to our mountain:


Snowmmeliers : Certified snow professionals who are experts in both snow conditions and having fun. They’re here to tailor the type of snow to your skiing/riding abilities. That means soft snow on those beginner runs for you snowsports school enrollees and expert-grade snow on double black diamond runs for those of you huckin’ your meat (you won’t find this in the Merriam Webster either…if you know you know).


Groomicorns : Part fact. Part fiction. Groomicorns only come out at night to methodically lay rows of corduroy and leave behind rainbows and sprinkles. Every morning, our trusty steeds help the trail grooming staff select three Groomer’s Choice runs so skiers and riders know where to find the crispiest, crunchiest of lines. How immaculate is our grooming? Just picture your Aunt Tammy’s corduroy pants. Yeah, that immaculate.

park gnomie

Gnomies : A group of skilled artisans who dwell in the woods at Sierra and meticulously handshape each of our terrain parks. Gnomies have helped fuel the buzz about our nationally-recognized terrain parks . From grom to rail-sliding wizard, they’ve got you covered. Gnomies and our park staff also shape the ONLY halfpipe in South Lake Tahoe. Now that’s something worth jumping for.

We think you’ll admire the work of the Snowmmeliers, Groomicorns, and Gnomies. Aside from them, we hand pick the rest of our staff with our feet to make sure they fit the criteria for fun. Everyone from our lift operators to ski + snowboard instructors are here to dish up heaping scoops of smiles with a side of unserious (they’re GMO free, just like our snow). Skiing and riding should be nothing but enjoyable and we intend to keep it that way.