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10/21/2013 | By Steve
A Plaza, Lots of Parties, and Powder: Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort Preps for winter

Do you feel it? It’s that time of year. The anticipation is building; trees continue to lose their leaves, weekends are filled with football, everyone has a pumpkin spice latte, and our personal favorite SNOW! 

Winter is around the corner, and while you’ve been enjoying summer we’ve been busy and hard at work. Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort has a ton of new surprises for the upcoming 2013-14 season. One of those includes a new plaza at the base area. We’ve invested $5 million into a new facility that will transform the current skier services area into a mecca for gathering and services that improve your overall experience. What’s that mean? It means 9,000 square feet of new indoor space with retail options, a demo center, and a new restaurant. We will also have a HUGE deck giving you new fire pits, lounge chairs, concerts, and an overall enhanced après atmosphere. Party? Yes please. 

Along with a new plaza we’re giving Unlimited Passholders the ultimate value with the Powder Alliance. What’s the Powder Alliance? It’s a ticket to the ultimate road trip and access to the best mountains west of the Mississippi. Get three free days at eleven other resorts; enjoy pow-stashes from Utah to Washington. Visit for more info.

Oh, and that reminds me. If you haven’t bought your 2013-14 Season Pass yet, get on it! The Unlimited Pass is ONLY $389. Youwon’t regret it. Come join us for another amazing season of powder filled, award winning terrain park, snow-sliding fun at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. Do those snow dances and we'll see you on the mountain!

02/03/2013 | By Leslie
Steppin' Up My Game!

This weekend I discovered that Women’s Camp and professional instruction is not just for beginners. I’ve been riding for 15 years and feel confident getting down any terrain from the greens to double black diamond and I quickly discovered that there was still plenty for me to learn.

With about a baker’s dozen of lovely ladies in the camp, I felt relieved to be surrounded by other female skiers and riders looking to step up their game. The first day of this two-day camp was filled with a heavy focus on technique and a little bit of freestyle fun! We analyzed the movements each woman was making as we carved down the mountain. Our instructor Kirsty explained the proper techniques with diagrams in the snow and really helped us to understand how each of us could improve our carving techniques.

The slightest adjustments to how you flex into a turn can make a huge difference in your riding and I noticed it right away. After practicing the new techniques Kirsty shared with us, I immediately felt more control in my turns and could maintain my speed with more confidence and finesse!

Beyond improving my riding, I also enjoyed spending the day with some super fun ladies (Bridgette, Patrice, and our instructor Kirsty.) It was helpful to watch these other ladies learn the same new techniques and have them there to talk it all out with.  

Today I went out for a few laps with some of the skiers to get a feel for how their weekend was going. They started off the day by watching some of the footage filmed on Saturday to see how good they looked, and check out what they needed to work on today.

This group focused heavy on technique and posture throughout West Bowl. Their instructor, Lauren, talked them through a turn in slow motion to help each movement really sink in.



If you missed out on this round of Women’s Camp, don’t fret – we’ve got another one coming up on March 9 & 10. I highly recommend joining the group for a super fun day on the slopes and come step up your own game!!

01/24/2013 | By Leslie
Aloha, Maui Steve!

In 2011-12 Maui Steve went on an incredible adventure in the Maui Ski Bus to visit 104 ski resorts across the U.S. and Canada. As he went along on this journey, he continuously received a TON of grief for leaving out one of the best resorts, Sierra-at-Tahoe! Thanks to all those comments informing Maui Steve of our awesomeness, we received a special visit from the Maui Ski Bus today.

Coolest part about this bus, in my opinion, is that it runs 100% off fermented pineapple juice! So Maui Steve gets to cruise around enjoying the best Mother Nature has to offer without harming her one bit, I love it!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Maui Steve this afternoon to get more insight on this awesome world tour. He shared that he started this journey at the beginning of last season based purely off his own curiosity and appetite for new and challenging terrain. Maui Steve seeks out double black diamonds, preferably shoulders and bumps under the chair line – or as he calls it, “Hollywood Alley.”

Maui Steve found himself stoked on the adventure zone animation around the resort and our very own “Hollywood Alleys,”  especially Dynamite. He found the ultimate cure for his Tahoe hangover at our 360 Smokehouse as he indulged heavily in some delectable Jalapeño fries, what an excellent choice! After getting a handle on his hangover, he shared that he felt right at home with the “rustic, log cabin in the woods feel” of Sierra-at-Tahoe and couldn’t wait to return next season for his upcoming world tour!

To get the full Maui Ski Bus experience, I  went on a short ride to scope out the famous bus. While my mom has told me many times never to get on a bus with strangers, I’ve always been a rebel so I figured, “What the heck?!” The inside of his bus has quite the rustic, log cabin in the woods feel so I can see why he felt so at home at our resort.

The next world tour for the Maui Ski Bus will start in November 2013, right here in Lake Tahoe and we’re thrilled to be on his itinerary this time around! Mahalo Maui Steve, see you next year!

01/04/2013 | By Leslie
The Goggles Don't Lie

This morning I had the pleasure of taking out a pair of brand new ZEAL iON HD Goggles so I could show you the real deal of what's going on around the mountain. Located in the frame of the goggle the Zeal HD Camera Goggle captures 1080p HD quality video and can shoot up to 8 megapixel photos for quick, easy HD imagery without having to take off your gloves. Super rad! On top of that, they also happen to be among the highest quality goggles on the market!

This week, you can join me for a tour of a few of my favorite runs as you catch a glimpse at the fresh cords from your favorite Sierra Resort snow reporter's point of view!



The goggles don't lie...tune in with me every Friday to catch the real deal of what’s going on at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. See you on the mountain!

12/28/2012 | By Leslie
CANucopia at Sierra Resort

Sierra Resort has teamed up with the El Dorado Food Bank to bring a little help to those in need and they came by Sierra-at-Tahoe for the first pick-up this afternoon. Thanks to the generosity of our guests and employees, we donated a 32 gallon container almost filled with cans and non-perishable food items.

You still have time to give back to your community as CANucopia will continue through January 12th. Before you cruise up to the resort next time, empty your cupboards and drop off your canned goods and non-perishable food items in the decorative bins inside the season pass office.

 Our goal is to fill up one more 32 gallon container before the El Dorado Food Bank comes back for another pickup. If we are able to reach our goal, our General Manager (John Rice), has agreed to let all the Wild Mountain kiddos throw tasty pies at his noggin’. If we can fill up two more bins, John Rice will allow customers to drop him in a dunk tank!

Keep the holiday spirit alive and help us give back to a community that gives us all so much.