Sierra-at-Cabo State of Mind

Snow Reporter
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

the social activities and entertainment following a day's skiing.

a person's distinctive and attractive or impressive style of dress or way of doing things.

With spring skiing comes a trip to Sierra-at-Cabo , and you’ll want these items on your packing list. As we transition from snow to sun, it’s all about the steez you bring and how well you après. I would argue that classically, the most important steezy item needed for a spring skiing checklist is a two-toned goggle tan. Without this, it’s hard to prove you’ve been slaving away at the resort, lapping groomers, or quite literally ~tanning~ in the Adirondack chairs in West Bowl. (We see you, goggle tanners, we see you). A sick goggle tan and après ski go hand-in-hand, too, as you might have guessed! The goggles? They stay on during daylight hours. With longer, warmer, and sunnier days comes more après opportunities! After crushing a shred sesh with your crew, libations are typically in order + Sierra-at-Cabo offers some of the best spots in the Sierra to hang loose + get loose. And, although the google tans will look a little different this year, we’re still here for a steezy face-mask tan. 

While many other resorts around Lake Tahoe (and the country) are becoming increasingly homogenous, we aim to provide a fun, laid-back atmosphere that radiates the authentic California ski experience. No villages or expensive shopping… just skiing and snowboarding in the sun with your buds. It's that same authentic vibe that keeps the soul and fun of skiing and riding alive + well. Spring skiing at our Tahoe-turned-Cabo resort is a feeling best felt, as opposed to described, so if you’re intrigued then quit reading! Go grab your SPF, your best spring steez + your Sierra fam. Boot up + bring those flip-flops for the parking lot! 

At Sierra, we prioritize Play all season long, but especially so come springtime. The sun is out + the season is fleeting, so every last drop of fun is squeezed from the sweet mountain snow! Along with incredible Cabo vibes, Sierra’s spring boasts a lineup of events to make your mountain experience more fruitful. Live music, demo days, Playgrounds Party + Avy Dog demonstrations are just a few things to look forward to! Pipe dreams are becoming a reality, too, because the park crew is building you all a modified half-pipe on Aspen West set to open in the coming days. Until then, there are 6 other parks to play in which offer jibs, rails, jumps, snow features, + boxes. 

I forgot to mention one more important vocab word: Flabongos. Think Shotskis, but Cabo style. Come see for yourself!