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02/09/2012 | By Leslie
The Sweet Life of A Snow Reporter

As the chief snow reporter for Sierra-at-Tahoe, my lifestyle is quite different than most. My work day begins not-so-bright and VERY EARLY at 5am. People are constantly asking me, “How can you get up so early and still sound so excited to be at work every day?” Well, before joining the Sierra Family, I never considered myself to be a morning person at all; those of you who know me well can vouch for me!! However, the many perks of this job make each day totally exciting and worth waking up for!

Upon arriving at the Resort, I found myself mesmerized by the beauty of this area as the clouds hung low around the mountain tops and the full moon peeked out from behind the snow covered trees. Lucky for all of you, I took a break from piecing together the giant puzzle known as the snow report to go snap a photo so I could share this magical moment.

After a few hours of reporting the excellent surface conditions, miles of fresh corduroy, and the debut of a brand new terrain park on Upper Main, I couldn’t wait to go check it all out for myself! This brings me to the number one perk of working at Sierra Resort, first chair is only a few steps away!

When you start your day off in the dark, you can imagine how exciting it is to catch that first glimpse of the sun at the top of Grandview Express – it was just the inspiration I needed to write this blog!

As a South Lake Tahoe Local, I've become quite jaded when it comes to good snow conditions. Thanks to the North-facing slopes of the mountain, the hard work of our grooming crew, and the 77 inches of snow we've received so far this season - surface conditions have remained excellent! Coming from a spoiled local - that says a lot! Carving down fresh corduroy like this every day makes it pretty hard not to completely love working at this resort!

Even though I have to start my day far before the crack-of-dawn, I get to spend my time in a beautiful paradise known as Sierra-at-Tahoe….well that truly is “livin’ the dream!” Hope all of you make your way up here at some point this season to join me in this sweet life in the snow!

01/31/2012 | By Leslie
Three Talented Ladies, Three X Games Medals!!!

In order to get the inside scoop for all of you, I spent my weekend riding and watching the Winter X Games here at Sierra Resort! I know, it’s a tough job…but someone’s gotta do it!

There was a great vibe around the resort this past weekend while everyone was rooting for the Sierra Resort professional athletes as they competed in the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. The ladies definitely represented for their home mountain and all three scored a spot on the podium!

Jamie Anderson continued to push the limits of Women’s snowboarding this season, as she took home gold in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle, making her a three time X Games gold medalist! (2007,2008, 2012) Check out the link below for the flawless run that earned her a 95.33 - the highest score in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle history! Killing it!!!!

Maddie Bowman has also been killing it this season, already earning first place at Dew Tour and second at the North Face Park and Pipe in 2012. In only her second X Games appearance, Bowman took home silver in Women’s Ski Superpipe! This girl has tons to be smiling about as she continues her dominating 2012 competition campaign!

Finally, X Games veteran Hannah Teter stood on the podium with a bronze in Women’s Snowboard Superpipe. Teter adds to her already impressive list of snowboard accomplishments, including Olympic gold medal and bronze medals.

From all of us here at Sierra Resort, CONGRATS LADIES!!! Way to represent for your home mountain!!!

The memory of Sarah Burke will live on in the way you all continue to push the limits of women’s skiing and snowboarding!!

01/25/2012 | By Leslie
A Snowboarders’/Skiers' Paradise

Everyone was super stoked when West Bowl Chair Lift started spinning yesterday morning, even the Sierra employees couldn’t contain their excitement!

West Bowl has been my favorite place in the world since I started riding at Sierra over 13 years ago, so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was yesterday when I got the call that it was finally opening!! Just like all my fellow winter worshippers, I literally could not wait to go carve up the 3-4 feet of untouched snow!!

While taking my first turn down Beaver, I became so giddy like a little kid that I had to stop for a moment to truly take it all in! As the snow-covered tree tops sparkled in the sunshine and I caught a glimpse of the clouds hanging low on Mt Pyramid – I was reminded that this truly is a snowboarders’/skiers' paradise!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you blaze your own trail through this paradise I know and love as soon as you get the chance! Just remember, when venturing into the trees, obstacles do exist! If this season is your first opportunity to carve through West Bowl… out, you just might fall in love!

01/14/2012 | By Steve
Winter on the Way? We think so!

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Tahoe Weather Discussion is calling for a shift in weather patterns around January 16. A BIG shift! Will winter finally come out of hiatus and grace us with its presence? Only time will tell. 

Either way here at Sierra we want to recognize those doing everything they can to keep the mountain open. If you think we've been sitting back and waiting for it to snow you are incorrect. 


Our snowmakers literally have been working around the clock and when weather permits blowing snow. We do not have millions of dollars in snowmaking equipment or the latest and greatest but we are making magic with the guns that we do have. Also, we'd like to tip our hats to those on the park staff. Each day guests have the option of more than a dozen jibs and rails along with a jump!  


While we've been optimistic throughout the winter it is fair to say that we are ecstatic about the storm that is on it's way. Our lifts are ready to spin and when we get that large dump we'll be ready to go. Our lifts are wind-protected so on those stormy days when the pow is fresh, you can ride Sierra, our parking is right in front of the mountain so you are on the lift quickly, and our burgers are $10.95 AND that comes with the fries and soda! 


Winter Dreaming! Rider: Jordan Nield Photo: Terren Gomez


See you on the Mountain! 

12/31/2011 | By Steve
Happy New Year!

Wow. What a year! On this exact date a year ago there was over 300 inches of snow on the ground and it would continue to fall throughout the spring. When all was said and done we’d enjoyed 40+ powder days (6” or more constitutes as a powder day for those of you who are wondering where we get that number) and 763” of snow throughout the winter.

Fast-forward to today and it is a far different story. We are rocking an 18” base and working around the clock to open as much terrain for our guests as possible.  What a difference a year makes huh?

After a few hot laps today it dawned on me. Although the waist deep powder days are magical and 63 feet of snow is nice that’s not what it is about and nothing exemplifies this like the season thus far.

18” may not be a whole lot but I’ll tell you what it’s enough to put a smile on your face and realize just how lucky we are.  After all, isn’t skiing or riding about having a good time, enjoying the crisp mountain air, taking in the amazing Sierra mountains, laughing with your friends and having a “soda” or two? I sure think so. If you don’t believe me come try it out for yourself.

Cheers to the year that was and another amazing one that is to come. See you on the mountain. 


Team rider Robby Franco ringing in the new year in style.