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03/29/2016 | By Alex B
Spring Has Sprung

@kegz__ captured @alex_wetherhold putting in some test runs on the Sierra Fam memorial feature on a prime spring day.  One of a kind art created by our very own @harborblueartcompany!


This season El Niño delivered plenty of leg-shaking pow days, leaving your homies on the East Coast to curse your name.  Hopefully their jealousy subsides now that spring has arrived, bringing the sunshine and good vibes along with it!  This March we have had incredible conditions after receiving 100 INCHES of snow, and we’ve still got plenty of spring season shenanigans to look forward to during April!

While our pow days are coming to an end soon(ish), spring brings a whole different set of conditions that renew our love of the sport all over again.  Surfing fresh pow is one of the best feelings in the world, however it can often be tiring, cold, and demanding on stormy days.  Now it’s all about pulling out that Hawaiian shirt and working on a goggle tan so deep your crew will never question your dedication to the shred.  Trade in those heavy Gore-Tex jackets for a steezy spring hoody (or dinosaur costume) and get ready to drink plenty of ice cold cervezas in the warm sunshine, amigos!


@daog_guod shows us spring shredding attire at its finest!


For those who are new to spring riding, it can be one of the best time of years to work on honing your skills.  The fresh cords we lay down every day are perfect for learning how to butter, ride switch, or jib those side hits you’ve been eyeballing all winter.  Another great part about spring riding is catching up on that beauty rest, boo!  No need to rush to the mountain to shred down snow icier than that chick that rejected you on Tinder last week (we know that feel, bro). 

Think of spring riding as courting a special someone: you never jump right in for the kiss, you have to warm up to it first…or maybe you don’t, we don’t know your life!  Anyways, the point is that you want to let the sun warm things up a bit before you hit the slopes, making the best time to shred those spring cords mid-morning.  The sickest part about the mid-morning/early afternoon shred (besides the extra shut-eye) is that the bar is already open when you get here!  Now we’re talking about getting warmed up in a whole different way, heyooo!

Sierra is full of sweet spots for you + your crew to sip some cold ones on your ride break, including Solstice Plaza, with plenty of Adirondack chairs to chill in and multiple outdoor bars!  Head up to the 360 Smokehouse deck for amazing views of that one lake that’s pretty cool, and then shred down to West Bowl to fiesta at the cantina and nom on some delicious tacos.


@sailor_g00n captured a Sierra kook in his natural habitat, serenading all the snow bunnies in the sunshine on the 360 Smokehouse Deck...try to contain yourselves, ladies!


Bumming hard because you don’t have a pass and your homies cut you off from their employee vouchers?  Bro, we got you.  Buy a 2016/2017 Sierra Unlimited Season Pass today for the killer price of only $409, and ride the rest of this season FO’ FREE!  That’s right, you can set yourself up for next season and be a part of all of Sierra’s spring shenanigans at the same time.  Quit procrastinating already and treat yo’ self by swooping up a pass for the 2016/2017 season (and the rest of this one) here!

03/12/2016 | By Alex Blevins
Miracle March + Spring Shenanigans

After our latest storm system dropped 50 INCHES of snow over the span of eight days, it’s hard to believe that we are nearly halfway through the month of March.  El Nino can’t get enough of the Sierras and keeps bringing the goods, with over a foot of snow forecasted to fall before the end of the day Monday!  Obviously, the Sierra Fam has been getting out there and getting it, but you know how it goes, pics or it didn’t happen!  Scope out some of our favorite pics from the last week below.

@darrenngoetz captured the Sierra sign in all her snowy glory! 3/6/16


Our very own @matt_bombino about to drop into the white room


@greta.ann.k showing us what it's all about!


On top of all of this wonderful fresh powdah, we’ve lined up plenty of festive spring activities to keep the entire family entertained in between laps.  We’re kicking off our Spring Equinox lineup Saturday, March 19th, with the Vans High Standard Series.  This is a snowboard slopestyle competition focused on style and creativity with no trick over a 720 allowed, accompanied by live bluegrass music from Bison on Solstice Plaza!

The following weekend we’re keeping the party rolling with our Buckle Up Big Air competition on Saturday, March 26th.  This is a slopestyle event in remembrance of Sierra Team Rider Greg Taylor Smith, created to spread seatbelt safety awareness to local youth with a fun day of snow culture, featuring live musc on Solstice Plaza by Fish Out of Water.  The next day we’ve got an Easter Eggstravaganza planned with an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

The following weekend, we’re kicking off the first Saturday of April with Boarding for Breast Cancer’s 20th Anniversary on April 2nd.  Snowboarding and music come together for B4BC’s 20th Anniversary to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research. The event will include a live concert, yoga, vendor village and more!

April 8th we’re partying Sierra style with a Sierra Fam Rail Jam, a fun nighttime shred sesh over by Solstice Plaza. We’re following it up the next day with our 2nd Annual Jorts Jam on April 9th.  Pull out your best pair of jeans, cut those bad boys into some trendy spring short shorts, and enjoy live music and all things amuurrrican.  The crowning jewel of our Spring Equinox is a Sierra personal favorite, our 9th Annual Salsa Showdown!  Sunday, April 10th competitors will make their most bangin salsa recipe in an attempt to win a free 2016/2017 Sierra Season Pass! Of course we will have live music and plenty of good vibes to go around.

For all the details on events around the mountain, scope out our events calendar.

02/20/2016 | By Alex Blevins
Huck Cup Hype!

Skier Kyle Smaine dominating Sierra's backcountry gates.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to ride Sierra’s five backcountry gates, you know the excitement and freedom that comes along with dropping a cliff, navigating a chute, and popping a powdery pillow.  The amazingly fun and playful terrain in Huckleberry Canyon gives riders the ability to get creative and #keepwinterweird Sierra style, which makes it perfect for hosting a freeride competition!  That’s right, next weekend we are holding the first ever competition held in Huckleberry, a 2* International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA)/Free World Qualifier (FWQ, also known as the Huck Cup.

If you’re unfamiliar with freeride, the following quote perfectly sums up the energy of the sport and demonstrates why it is the perfect competition to showcase all that Huckleberry Canyon has to offer:

 “The concept of freeride informs the very soul of the snowsport experience. Indeed, the notion of ‘freeriding’ was born the moment folks figured out how to secure their feet onto long slats of wood in order to move easier over the winter landscape – and discovered that they could suddenly shuck the bonds of gravity and fly. They were free. They could ride down the hill at will. They never looked back…” (quote from

The Huck Cup will showcase top tier athletes from both sides of the Atlantic, enabling riders to score points in the FWQ ranking system and qualify for the Freeride World Tour (FWT).  Day one will be qualifiers, as skiers and riders pull out their best tricks from Central Cornice down to Snag Rock.  Those who make it to the finals on Saturday Feb. 27th will shred Snag Rock down to Pandora's.  

Of course a few of our Sierra team riders will be entering the competition and showing off their Sierra family style!  Sierra team snowboarders include , Zach Bragdon, Jordan Nield, and Eric Royce.  Sierra team skiers include Colby Albino, Benny Schmidt and Ty Dayberry, who will be freeing his heels in some teles!

Here at Sierra we’ll take any excuse to throw a party, and the first Huck Cup is no exception!  We’ll have a big screen displaying the action live in Solstice Plaza so you can scope out the competition on your ride break.  The real party will be at the top of the mountain at 360 Smokehouse, with live music and art, another big screen showcasing the action, and a rooftop bar!

We’re keeping the vibes going all weekend long with live music in The Pub Thursday-Sunday and Happy Hour starting at 3:00.  Our very own GM John Rice and brothers take the stage to cap off the Huck Cup in true Sierra style.  See you this weekend for a shredtastic party!

If you're so stoked you can hardly wait, scope out this video featuring team skier Colby Albino getting some turns in Huckleberry!

02/13/2016 | By Alex Blevins
Spreading the Love at Sierra!

This Valentine’s Day weekend love is in the air and our Sierra family is definitely feeling the vibes!  With 100% of our terrain open and live music Saturday + Sunday, we’ve got something for every type of rider to enjoy.  Here at Sierra we believe V-Day isn’t just about romance; it should be about taking time for something you love, whether it’s snowboarding with your boo, spending time with the family, bonding with your buddies, or cruising solo!  Our guests have been loving the vibes up here, and the proof is in the photos!  Scope out some of our favorites showcasing the fam doing what they love!


@thekiddstaysinthepicture captures the family love with a smooch from her little one!


@bigrachhh shows how much fun it is to ride with your friends, especially when they have some steezy gogles to check yourself out in!


@ashleydpetersen and her hubby sharing the sport they love out on the slopes of Sierra!


@greta.ann.k got proposed to at the top of Sierra on her birthday yesterday!  Congrats to these two lovebirds from your Sierra family!


@filidecotz shows us sometimes it's all about the solo shred to soothe the soul...


Want your pictures featured on our blog or the Sierra website?  Hashtag your Instagram pics with #sierraattahoe or #keepwinterweird and join in on the fun!

02/06/2016 | By Alex Blevins
Fun In The Sun

Happy Shredruary, fam!  While we have been fortunate enough to receive over 300 inches of snowfall so far this season, most forecasts are in agreement that El Nino is taking a break and we're going to have some mild weather for a bit.  Don't fret!  With a freshly cut halfpipe and plenty of activities planned, February is going to be yet another amazing month with conditions better than we've seen them in a few winters.

You only have to ride Sierra once to be considered part of the Sierra family, and a lot of our family members have been showing Sierra love by checking in on Instagram!  One of my favorite things to do is scope out all the fun our guests are having by perusing their photos, and this week I have picked out a few that really highlight the fun in the sun that we all have to look forward to until El Nino pops back into town for a Miracle March.  Scope out some of our favorite photos below!


@ry4nmoore from The Tahoe Journal shredding the halfpipe on a perfect day for park riding!  Sierra currently has seven fun parks of all sizes including a full BoarderX Course to race your homies and a Progression Park for those still building their skills.


@morganthrockmorton captures the perfect bluebird day on Solstice Plaza.  We've got fun events happening out on the deck all month including a live performance from California Repercussions Saturday the 13th!


@holly.b.rose and her crew show us where it's at after a long day of shredding!  Swap stories in the Pub at the end of crushing the slopes with Happy Hour every day starting at 3:00 pm!


@jasonbluetahoe snapped this shot of Huckleberry Canyon, one of our 5 amazing Backcountry Gates.  This month we are honored ot be hosting our first ever event in Huckleberry, a 2* FWQ Event also known as The Huck Cup!


Even though El Nino may be taking a brief vacation we've clearly got plenty of fun on tap for Shredruary!  Scope out the full calendar of events here.  See you on the mountain!