Circuit Chatter

12/27/2010 | By Brooke

Sierra-at-Tahoe is nothing less than a winter dreamland right now. Regular storms are cycling through, Huckleberry Gates 1 through 4 are open, Bashful park is absolutely dialed after the re-build, the mini-kink line on Upper Snowshoe is so fun, the pipe is being pushed and The Alley is getting pre-build work. Honestly, 2010 is wrapping in the best way possible. Get out and rip!


12/21/2010 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday

Covered this week in the 4th installment of Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday at What does the park crew do while we get happy in the pow? Dig, shovel, push, pull rails, place rails, weld...bottom line, they work hard. So praises to the crew for sacrificing pow turns for the Lake's best parks.

12/20/2010 | By Brooke
Jamie Anderson talks about her winning run at the first Dew Tour stop

12/18/2010 | By Brooke
White Christmas

We've been nice and Santa has dropped the gift of white room early. 


Photo ©Terren Gomez

12/14/2010 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday is On

Click check out the "what's up" from Sierra's Terrain Park Crew. Rail fab, skate-inspired mini kinked jib line, Sierra Short's all there. 

Session 3: