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04/23/2011 | By Brooke
This is Sierra, This is Season 2010/11

In a world where it never stops a place like no other...over 700" of snow...ahoy to Sierra's season 2010/11

04/18/2011 | By Brooke
Girls Snowboarding Goes to a Fresh Level at Flaunt It

On Saturday, March 9th, Sierra hosted the Billabong Flaunt It Finals. The ladies were not messing around when they showed up for this TTR Four Star slopestyle and rail jam. The riding was very impressive- solidifying the fact that female snowboarding is no hype.

Billabong Flaunt It FINALS from Martin Rubio on Vimeo.

04/16/2011 | By Brooke
Sierra Short #4 Drops

Spring parks explode at Sierra and our favorite pros and ams take a little for their own.

04/03/2011 | By Brooke
Photo Shoot Season Has Arrived

Every spring, Sierra hosts numerous production companies, mags and teams for photo and film shoots. It seems like we get growing requests for more shoots and bigger builds each season. Maybe it's the Cali sun or the deep snow. Perhaps the industry has a particular faith and trust in Sierra's Terrain Parks program. Regardless, this is a time that I very much enjoy. There's nothing that makes me happier than to watch Olympians and massively accomplished riders blast our features, compliment the Park team's creativity and enjoy the Sierra love. I imagine the hectic scheduled and pressures these kids have endure all season long. To see them kick back and smile right here at our own Sierra- it's priceless.

Currently, we are hosting a group of TransWorld photographers and filmers, along with some of their favorite riders, for a magazine and online feature you will see shortly. Known as Park Sessions, this shoot gets pro riders into the same parks you enjoy. I have a special appreciation for the guys that are here right now. I've known Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis from their early snowboard academy days in Vermont. I've watched them grow up to become pipe dominators, but more so, great guys with an air of camaraderie and an overall fun attitude. The best part of today's shoot was their big stoked smiles after lapping The Alley and ripping the pipe. Photo shoot season has arrived and I'm ecstatic to have my favorite riders shredding our parks, sharing an experience with them that makes us proud to be Sierra locals.

Danny Davis, Jack Mitrani and Luke Mitrani hiking the Sierra pipe. So chill, even clothes came off.

03/26/2011 | By Brooke
700 is Today's Lucky Number!

The number of the day is 700. No, it's not the 700c wheel on your hipster fixie or the busted 700 snowmobile that your homie dumped in  your yard. 700 is inches, as in snowfall to date at Sierra-at-Tahoe for the 2010-2011 season! That's 37 pow days, 123 days of continuous shred, and countless face shots. Bust out your snorkel and jump into the deepest deeps in years.