Sierra's Theory of Shredativity

Snow Reporter
Monday, November 20, 2017

The experts at Sierra have tirelessly crunched numbers and have found the solution to the opening day dilemma: The Theory of Shredativity.


1 More Substantial Storm + Increased Positive Vibes = An Opening Day in Our Midst

Snow Math

By applying order of operations and complex arithmetic, one will find that the outlook is indeed positive. Though we don’t have an exact opening date yet, winter is knocking on our door. These early storms have been great base-builders, and we’re waiting on Mother Nature to deliver us that next bit of snow to get us over the threshold and into the new season! 

We're doing everything in our power to open, but it's your move, Mother Nature. Until then, our Snowmaking Crew, Mountain Ops and Snowmmeliers are getting the snow ready for buttery turns and maximum cruising speed.

For you expert procrastinators, be sure to pick up your Unlimited Pass for $459 so you can be there when we open and receive great benefits

Get prepared for the season and stay tuned for an opening date!