Why Locals Choose Sierra

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Thursday, March 9, 2017


So this is my boss....


It’s no secret that Lake Tahoe is a world-class destination for skiing and snowboarding, boasting a wide array of ski resorts with incredible terrain and beautiful views.  For those of us who ski/ride on the reg, a common question you’ll get asked when you’re meeting homies on the lift is “What’s your home resort, bro?”  This could mean any number of things, including the resort you took your very first turns at, what spot you grew up skiing, or where you choose to drop your hard-earned benjamins on a season pass.

Here at Sierra, we are proud to have the (unofficial) nickname around the South Shore as the “Local’s Choice” and not gonna lie fam, it makes us mad proud.  As someone who calls Sierra their home mountain for all three reasons listed above, I’d like to drop some knowledge as to why I think Sierra has been given this prestigious title.

Let’s start with the obvious: Sierra has vibes for DAYS.  Between the live music, constant events around the mountain, and the infectious energy of the whole Sierra family, if you don’t leave with a smile on your face then Houston, we have a problem.

I’d like to think it was these vibes that encouraged my friends to bring me up to Sierra many moons ago to teach me how fun sliding down a mountain can be.  They took me up Grandview and watched me tomahawk my way down Sugar N’ Spice (this is not recommended).  Not only is Sierra known as the local’s choice, it’s also known as the place to learn, offering sculpted terrain for beginners to foster natural progression.  Shout out to my homies who conveniently forgot to mention that back in the day…


Literally me.


Another great perk of learning at Sierra is how easy it is to navigate.  Ski School and the bunny hill are located at the base, just a stone’s throw from the main chair, Grandview.  Everything funnels back down to the base area naturally, making it easy to find your friends and less overwhelming if you’re new to the sport.  Additionally, you can bring your whole family or crew, regardless of skill level, and all ride to the top of the mountain together.  Depending on which direction you head, you have access to all types of terrain, including a top-to-bottom beginner run, multiple terrain parks, and backcountry gates.  Sierra is also one of the few resorts around the basin that offers parking directly next to the lifts, if you’re an early bird.

After you’ve surpassed the sculpted terrain and green circles, you’re ready to get schwifty, amiright?!!  Next time you find yourself in South Shore, do yourself a favor and ask around to see who has the BEST tree riding in the basin.  Spoiler Alert: it’s us (+ that's pretty neat)!  Our backcountry gates over in Huckleberry Canyon are ideal for advanced riders looking to take it to the next level.  If big backcountry turns or tree riding aren’t your thing (hey, more for me) there’s plenty of features to get sendy on in our nationally recognized terrain parks.  Boasting big booters, a BoarderX course, and the only HalfPipe on the South Shore, our parks offer something for every style of rider.

I think I've made my case, people.  I could go on listing all of the things that I think make Sierra great, or better yet, come scope it out for yourself if you haven't already (might I suggest during the Vans Hi-Standard Grand Finale Saturday, March 18th?!).  In classic #CertifiedUnserious fashion, we're taking it next level this spring and turning the resort into your very own spring-break mountain getaway.  Rock your steeziest hawaiian shirt, show off your killer goggle tan, and get all Sendy McSenderson in the only HalfPipe on the South Shore!  Springtime is here, and Sierra-at-Tahoe is bringing those sunshine spring vibes to you with #SierraAtCabo.  Don't forget the sunscreen!


Team rider Eric Royce throwing down some steezy style during last season's Vans Hi-Standard.




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