New Year, New You, and Hopefully New Snow!

Snow Reporter
Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Making New Year’s Resolutions always begins with great intentions, but often time the goals we set for ourselves fall flatter than the bunny hill. That being said, we have some resolutions at Sierra that should be pretty easy to stick to. They involve a little learning, a bit of patience, and a lot of fun! Check ‘em out:

Ski Rental Employee

1. Learn a new sport . If you ski, try snowboarding. If you snowboard, try snow skating. We’re all sliding the same frozen water, so take a run or two from another sport’s perspective! If you don’t have the gear, stop into our rental shop or demo center and our friendly staff will hook it up!

Chairlift Hangs

2. Chat it up on the chairlift . Take those earbuds out and strike up a convo! You never know where it could lead. Think of it this way: you already have a love of the snow in common! You could make some new friends.

Kait Gaper

3. Embrace the gaper within . At times, we’ve all laughed at a gaper, impersonated one, or been victim to the dreaded “Gaper Gap”. Our advice: embrace it! We were all gapers at one time. So grab their board when it gets away from them, show them the proper way to walk in ski boots and shoot them a smile next time you’re on the hill.

Customer Ticket Check

4. Take more laps! Breathe in the fresh air, slide a run you haven’t done in years, and don’t forget to take in the scenery around you! Sierra is surrounded by beauty…drink it in with every turn. Shameless plug: for crowded days, your best bet for more laps is Fast Pass !

Powder Alliance Map

5. Travel! There are tons of great resorts throughout the world. Unlimited Passholders have the luxury of skiing free at several resorts . Get out there and have a taste of what other ski areas have to offer, but always know you have a home at Sierra.

Certified Unserious NY

6. Keep it #CertifiedUnserious. At the end of the day, it’s only skiing and riding. We often get wrapped up in less-than-wonderful weather forecasts, tourists not accustomed to driving on mountain roads, or long lift lines. When it comes down to it, skiing and riding are supposed to be fun! We’re all in it together, and there will be plenty of powder days in the future!

We think these resolutions will set you up for a great year on the slopes. Let’s hope Mother Nature sticks to her resolution of delivering Sierra some snow, but until then we’ll make the best of what we’ve got! So smile for a gaper, chat it up on the chairlift, and get in some hot laps to start your 2018 off right.