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About South Lake Tahoe

Kyle Smaime - View of Lake From Sierra

Population: approx. 30,000

Elevation: approx. 6250 ft.

Sierra-at-Tahoe® Resort isn’t just about working at the’s also about enjoying the endless activities that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Everything we do here is big, from big lake, to big sky, to living the big life! With four world-class casinos, tons of nightclubs, breathtaking views, and over 15 other ski resorts a stone’s throw away, you have no excuses to hang out at home. If you are into expanding your horizons, we’ve got a community college offering everything from Art History to Yoga. With Reno 1 hour 15 minutes away, Sacramento 1 hour 45 minutes away, and San Francisco 3 hours 30 minutes down the road, you have an endless number of sites to see! At Sierra Resort, you’re right in the middle of things!

Exploring the Area

Sierra Located to Everything

South Lake Tahoe, California, the closest city to Sierra Resort, is located on the border of California and Nevada.  While South Lake Tahoe is known for its four major casinos, it is also a thriving mountain town. South Lake Tahoe offers great restaurants, bars, live entertainment, a movie theater, a recreation complex with swimming, ice-skating, health club facilities, and a public library with access to the Internet. Nights can be spent enjoying a laid-back evening of bowling with friends at Tahoe Bowl or shooting pool at the Classic Cue. Days off can be spent exploring any of the other 15 local ski resorts around the lake or getting an up-close and personal look at gorgeous Lake Tahoe from an endless number of beaches. Whatever you prefer, there is something for you!

We have a Facebook group page specific for employees called: Sierra @ Tahoe Family. This is a great resource for meeting other Sierra employees and connecting on housing options, finding other roommates, carpooling to the resort or what to do on your days off. 

Getting to South Lake Tahoe

Sierra Located to Everything

Planes, trains, automobiles, skis, or snowboard, we don’t care how you get to Sierra Resort, as long as you make it!  We are located 12 miles west of South Lake Tahoe (about 100 miles east of Sacramento) on U.S. Highway 50, at the top of Echo Summit. The nearest airports in California are Sacramento International Airport or San Francisco International Airport, or you can fly into the Reno/Tahoe International Airport in Reno, Nevada (most preferred).

If you fly into one of these cities, you should be able to reach South Lake Tahoe by rental car, bus, or airport shuttle ( for the Reno airport).  The most recognizable landmark in South Lake is Harvey’s Casino, which has many cheap hotels nearby. If you get lost, or just want general travel information, give Sierra Employee Services Department a call or email (the number/email is listed below), and let them know when you expect to arrive in South Lake Tahoe.

Helpful Links:

MapsFlight ReservationsGround Transportation
Regional (preferred shuttle)
Interactive (train)
Bus Stops (Tahoe | Meyers) (shuttle)

Where to Live

Lake Tahoe

Check out our Housing Assistance page, the local paper, online forums… just make sure you get organized early! If you are planning to catch the bus in the morning (and face it, it’s a lot nicer sleeping on a bus in a snow storm than driving through a blizzard) you should live close enough to Highway 50 so you can walk to the bus stops.

Sierra-At-Tahoe offers a daily shuttle bus servicing Highway 50 (from the casinos) and Pioneer Trail. Stop times can be found by either swinging by the HR office or calling Sierra-At-Tahoe at 530.659.7453 ext. 500. Bus schedules may vary dependent on business volume, and busses may not run during quiet periods. When this is the case, please coordinate with co-workers to carpool to the resort.  In town, there are several bus routes (on “Blue Go Buses”) between the casinos and the “Y” that cost approximately $2.00. Call 530.541.7149 or go to for more details. There are several taxi companies in the area as well; check the local yellow pages for details. Uber and Lyft mobile apps have recently become the most preferred means of transportation in the lake basin. If you can access these forms of transportation, we recommend them for in-town transit. You may consider buying a car between friends (Reno and Carson offer the least expensive options) – if it isn’t four-wheel drive with snow tires, make sure you have chains for winter, and insurance is mandatory!

What to Bring

View of Lake Tahoe from top of Sierra

You’re moving to Tahoe!  You’ll need to be prepared for mountain living and cold temperatures during your Winter stay.  In the Sierra’s, we get an average of 425 inches of snow each year, with an average daily temperature of 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures dropping as low as 0 degrees at nights! Here’s a list of things to bring to Lake Tahoe to help you stay comfy:

  • Water-proof, heavy jacket and warm gloves, hats, and socks.
  • Thermal underwear (base layer) to wear under your uniform.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, fleeces.
  • Black pants and dark blue jeans for working inside.     
  • Snow-shoes or boots with GOOD TRACTION on the soles.
  • Your skies or snowboard, of course!

Depending on where you work, you may be issued certain uniform items.  These uniform items are NOT to be worn outside of work (for example, you should not wear your Sierra-At-Tahoe shirt to a nightclub.)  Please come prepared with your own warm clothes to wear outside of the work place.

Cost of Living

Huckleberry Canyon at Sierra

Believe it or not, the cost of living in a resort community can be substantially higher compared to its surrounding cities. Don’t be surprised to spend more money on common items like your daily groceries, dinning out, housing utilities and deposits, travel expenses, and various other retail and entertainment costs. Budgeting is key to a successful and comfortable stay here at the lake. If you plan to arrive in South Lake earlier than your job start date, please budget your finances accordingly. Expect to work more during the busy/holiday weeks of the season and less during the slower times. The busy times of the season may mean 6-7 days/week and slow could be 3-4 days/week. Being able to budget your finances during fluctuating work schedules will help you enjoy your experience.

Employee Benefits

Lunch top of 360 Smokehouse at Sierra

Upon employment, you are granted some pretty sweet perks to working for Sierra. Your first benefit as a Sierra employee is receiving an employee season pass. This pass is valid any day of the week as long as you are an active employee. It is a great perk to utilize on your days off with friends. After attending an orientation, you will receive a free complementary lift ticket to Sierra for friends or family members starting the first pay date in January. You will receive an addition lift ticket every paycheck you receive after that. Benefits are voided if found selling comp tickets or if terminated from employment. Discounts are issued to all active employees within any food and beverage or retail outlet at the resort, as well (50% off F&B, 30% Retail). We also host several free and fun employee parties! These parties have been held on and off Sierra property for all Sierra staff members! Many parties include a free meal and beverage before the festivities and stick around until the end to see if you have won a rad prize from our employee raffle! Snowboards, skis, gift cards, and other winter equipment are just some of the great prizes found during our parties!

Social Security

Sierra Ski Patrol at El Dorado Lift Chair

Upon Arriving in the United States, you will have to apply for a temporary social security number. Applying for this number will allow you to legally work within the United States. The closest offices are in Placerville (3916 Missouri Flat Rd, Placerville, CA 95667, ph. 530.626.8421), Sacramento (8581 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826) or Reno (1170 Harvard Way, Reno, NV 89502, ph. 800.352.1605). You may want to consider these locations when making your flight arrangements.  There is normally a waiting period once you have arrived into the country before you can apply.  The Reno office will often accept paperwork and hold it the first week or so before processing so you do not have to wait. We will also arrange a trip to Social Security in mid-December for those that have not yet applied.

Drug Testing

Sierra at Cabo Fun

Sierra-At-Tahoe is committed to providing a safe, healthy, drug- and alcohol-free environment for both employees and guests. The use of drugs or alcohol during working hours is prohibited.  Employees are prohibited from being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances during work time.  Sierra-At-Tahoe has a Zero Tolerance policy, and requires that employees submit a drug test if any of the following occur:

  • You are involved in an incident which A) Requires you to seek medical treatment from a hospital or medical facility OR B) Causes property damage of more than $500
  • Sierra-At-Tahoe has reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the job or that you are in violation of the Drug and Alcohol policy

Any employee whose screen comes back positive for drugs or alcohol will be terminated from Sierra-At-Tahoe.  If an employee is taking prescription drugs which may affect his/her ability to carry out the job performance, he/she must inform their Department Supervisor and Risk Manager prior to starting his/her shift.

Sierra-At-Tahoe provides resources through the Employee Services department if you need help due to a drug or alcohol problem.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact Employee Services immediately.

Transferring Departments

Sierra Ski Lessons

Sierra-At-Tahoe believes that it is important to have the right person in the right position.  If you are interested in transferring to another position, we ask that you work at least 30 days in the position for which you have been hired.  After 30 days, you will need to provide your current supervisor with a two-week notice.  Before requesting your transfer, you must be offered a position by the new department supervisor.

Sierra Employee Handbook

Sierra Employee Handbook You have chosen to work and play at one of Lake Tahoe’s finest resorts, known for our welcoming, friendly, convenient service. Sierra has become a favorite choice of Northern California, local South Lake Tahoe and destination visitors who know us as the best choice for a day trip to the mountains. Our success is no secret, we have the best people! Congratulations on becoming a productive member of our team! We hope that you have found a home where you can do what you love, and love what you do!

View Sierra Employee Handbook

Contact Human Resources

For more assistance or information, contact the Employee Services department.  We’re here to help!

Mail: 1111 Sierra-At-Tahoe Rd, Twin Bridges, CA 95735


Call: 530.659.7453 Ext. 107 or 147

Fax: 530.659.0839

Sierra Opens Only Halfpipe in South Shore

This winter has been POWtastic and it continues to only get better – because, thanks to our Park Gnomies, our nationally recognized Halfpipe is now open! So, swap out those pow skis/board with that steezy park setup that you’ve been itching to use in the halfpipe, cause it's your time to shine.

Park + Pipe Deets
Spend Your Spring at Sierra-at-Cabo

Springtime is here and Sierra-at-Tahoe is bringing those sunshine spring vibes to you with #SierraAtCabo. In classic #CertifiedUnserious fashion, we're taking it to the next level this spring and turning the resort into your very own spring-break mountain getaway with fun events, sunshine + high fives! Not to mention all the sunscreen and Hawaiian t-shirts you can get your hands on.

Hang Ten With Us