Nitro Snowboards Demo Day

February 15, 2020
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Solstice Plaza

Considering a new snowboard to add to your quiver? Strap into a Nitro demo board in the Plaza! This awesome company will be dishin' out boards for your riding pleasure all day in the plaza, so swing by to try out your next setup!

About the company: Nitro has been rider owned and operated since 1989. They focus on perfecting their snowboards, for all levels and ages. They also own two outerwear brands - which both a great addition to the boards. 

Nitro Snowboards: offers a wide range of different models, including freestyle, back country, and  all mountain snowboarding. For more information about Nitro, check out their website at  . 

Respect Code: This is not your board for the day. Try it out for a few runs, but avoid necessary wear and tear. The boards are meant to be shared so don't be a board hog!