S1 E1: Fresh Track Fridays | Mountain Safety

Snow Reporter
Thursday, January 2, 2020

Welcome to Fresh Track Fridays where our on-mountain snow reporters bring you everything you need to know about Sierra-at-Tahoe as well as insider tips to make sure your trip here is smooth and enjoyable. Here at Sierra, safety is something we practice both on and off the mountain. On our first-ever “Fresh Track Fridays” we take a closer look at the foundational approaches to safety that we encourage all guests to understand for a safe day out on the mountain. Some of these ‘to-do’s include:

  • Always wear essential protective gear (00:30)
  • Always ride with a friend (00:43)
  • Always stay on marked trails (00:43)

If you feel that you’re not quite confident enough to ride down from the top of the mountain or if you feel that you need to hone in your skills, visit the Sierra Lessons page for more information about lessons and how to improve your snow sport skills.