Preparing for Winter: 4 Things We’ve Been Up To Since the Lifts Stopped Spinning

Snow Reporter
Saturday, November 23, 2019

Our favorite time of year is so close we can almost taste it—just the other week, we had a sweet 2” of fresh snow coat the entire mountain from top to bottom. It might not be much, but it is a foreshadowing of what’s to come as more snow is forecasted to start falling as soon as tomorrow. But until then, we’re giving you a peek into just a few of the things we’ve been doing to prepare for winter here at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Check Out the Updated SIGN

Sierra New Sign

This summer we gave our beloved Sierra sign a much-deserved facelift. Rocking a new navy-blue look with a complimentary cream trim, this fresh new coat is here to stay. Be sure to take a classic Sierra photo with it upon your return to the mountain!

Hello, RFID

Sierra New RFID

One of the most exciting additions to the mountain this season is Sierra’s new RFID gates. All Season Passes and Day Tickets can now be read at each lift through your jacket or pant pocket. Say goodbye to the days of cold fingers and pulling out your pass between laps and say hello to our new, sleek + hassle free system. Be sure to read up on our tips and best practices on how to use your new card,  here to ensure your first day on the slopes is all smooth sailing.

Preseason with the Sierra Playgrounds

The fine folks on our Sierra Playgrounds crew have been hard at work shinin’ and grindin’ the various features that make up our terrain parks. Like us, they are praying for snow and cannot wait to start getting jibbing, sliding + making turns. Check out some behind the scenes footage of how they’ve been getting prepped for snow and follow @sierraplaygrounds for more updates.

Preparing the Fleet for Winter

Sierra Snowcats

Meeeoww! A large part of summer maintenance is keeping our fleet of PistenBully snow cats looking fresh and working properly. The PistenBully 400 4F, pictured here, is a ‘powder’ house of a machine, stocked with the latest technology in mountain grooming, called SNOWsat. According to our Director of Base Area Services, Drew Bray, this technology allows its operator to, “monitor fuel consumption to more efficiently reduce its impact on the environment while also determining snow depth wherever it travels. Knowing snow depth can save time and energy when it comes to gathering more snow to cover the trails, while keeping the rest of the mountain coated all season long.” Keeping these cats running smoothly is a year round and important job, and Sierra is lucky to have an experienced and capable crew to keep these machines well-oiled and running.

Now for the big question: when will we be opening for the 2019-20 winter season? While we have yet to announce an official opening date, we are just as eager as you are to get on the mountain and have some fun. With snow in the forecast this week , we hope that will be sooner than later.

Until then, subscribe to our email for bi-weekly updates as well as to be the first to know when we announce our opening date. If you plan to grab your season pass or capitalize on our 3-PAK deals, check out for more information. Stay stoked, friends, and see you on the mountain, soon.