Prepare for Pow!

Snow Reporter
Friday, November 11, 2016

Early last week, Sierra received its first legit snowfall of the season, and those big fluffy flakes got us feelin’ some type of way thinking about the winter to come!  That’s right, it’s time to pull out your gear and prepare for mother nature to deliver the goods.  If you’re too busy adulting to worry about the upcoming season, don’t trip—I’ve got you covered with a list of the best ways to prepare for future visits from the snow gods. 

The Sierra sign in all her snow glory 11.01.16

The Sierra sign in all her snow glory 11.01.16

1. Swoop Up Your Season Pass

This one’s a no-brainer, fam!  Only a gaper would pay full price for a lift ticket when the Sierra Value Pass pays for itself after just 3 days of pow surfing.  Let’s be real—if you’re riding less than a week this season, you need to fix your life.  Pick up your pass here and check one thing off your to-do list.

2. Get Off The Sofa

Now that you’ve got your pass, you’re scoping yourself out in the mirror and wondering why you didn’t exercise more and drink less brews this summer—I know that feel.  The good news is that it’s never too late to start prepping those spaghetti legs for opening day!  I’ve got your back with this nifty three-week exercise routine  to prepare you for pow turns (you can buy me a beer later to thank me).  Do you even lift, bro?

3. Wipe The Dust Off Your Gear

Here on the South Shore, we’ve already busted out the winter jackets, beanies, and gloves after last weeks dusting.  Time to take stock in your snow bro inventory and figure out what gear has got to go and then re-up with this seasons swag.  Jacket not as steezy as you remembered?  Our park crew suggests the Cult Jacket by 686, which comes in a few different styles so your homies don’t follow the wrong dude down the mountain.  Ladies, as usual, Oakley has delivered high quality gear such as the  Rio Biozone Shell Overalls, guaranteed to keep you lookin' fly and dry on those deep powder days.

Oakley Rio Biozone Shell Overalls

Oakley Rio Biozone Shell Overalls

4. Fine Tune Your Whip

No matter how baller you look in all that fresh gear, only a Jerry would hit opening day on a board or skis that have gotten no love since last winter.  After a summer chilling in the closet, your ride is probably drier than your bosses sense of humor when you call in sick on a pow day.  If you’re heading up the hill and don’t have time to fine tune your gear, hit up our wax shop located across from the base of the Grandview lift.  For those eager beavers staying in town looking to ride first chair, the crew over at Powderhouse can assist with all of your waxing and tuning needs before opening day. 

5. Early Bird Gets The Worm

While there is no shortage of hotels to stay at in Tahoe, booking early to get the best prices saves both your hard earned cash money and time you could be spending shredding.  Do yourself a solid if you’re heading in from out of town and book your vacations early!  We recommend Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, located centrally in town at Stateline, or Aston Lakeland Village which offers a daily shuttle to Sierra, a private beach, and an in-house rental shop.

6. Hit The Hill Refreshed

Lessons at Sierra - Skiers Carving Down Mountain

After a summer of laying by the pool or working your buns off so you can shred every pow day, it never hurts to start off with a refresher course.  If you’re confident in your ability to shred harder than Jamie Anderson, maybe consider expanding your horizons and taking a lesson in something you haven’t tried, such as park riding or backcountry.  Our amazing Ski School family is more than happy to help you and the groms out with all of your riding needs!  Book your lessons here.


We all have our rituals to prepare for the season, whether it is burning skis to sacrifice to the snow gods or watching our favorite ski DVDS on repeat while we make room in our houses for more activities.  For those in town, The Loft Tahoe  has some pretty sweet premieres coming up to help stoke you out.  Check out their Facebook page for more info.