Hella Big Air + B4BC Recap

Snow Reporter
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sierra-at-Tahoe recently hosted the 10 Barrel Hella Big Air competition and Boarding for Breast Cancer outreach! Thanks to the competitors, onlookers and everyone else who got in on the action, both events delivered good times that’ll be talked about for seasons to come.

Hella Big Air Jump Takeoff The Sierra Playgrounds Crew sculpted the takeoffs and landing the week prior and here’s the result: a HELLA big jump on Broadway. A big shout out to our team for helping the competitors obtain maximum sendage during the Hella Big Air!

Hella Big Air Drop In You can’t see it here, but the drop-in was actually taller than the adjacent Easy Rider Express lift. That’ll get the blood flowin! (Pictured: blood flowing through the competitors).

Hella Big Airtime Can you say air time? The big air format allowed riders to get inverted and show their skills.

Bros and 10 Barrel Beer Skiers, riders, friends and family enjoyed crisp libations from the 10 Barrel Brewing Beer Cat … do you think Sierra should invest in one of those bad boys?

B4BC Booth Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) was on deck to raise funds and awareness for cancer outreach, education programs and young survivor retreats. Good vibes were accompanied by a huge silent auction and rail jam on Broadway to support the cause!

KIND Snacks Our beloved partner, KIND Snacks, was dishin’ out friendly smiles and yummy treats. Thanks KIND for doing our mind, body, and soul some good!

Base Area Games What’s a day at Sierra without a little #CertifiedUnserious fun? Patrons were witnessed shaking their booties and having a blast during the games. 

Hella Big Air Awards The day wrapped up with announcing the Hella Big Air winners! With a 20K cash prize split evenly amongst the competitors, there was some serious dough on the line. Maybe quit your day job to pursue a career in skiing?

Thanks to all those who came out for the Hella Big Air competition and Boarding for Breast Cancer cause! End the 18/19 season with a bang by snagging your season pass and joining us for the upcoming events at Sierra!