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02/06/2014 | By Leslie
Goggles Don't Lie Contest Winner

Last month we ran a photo contest with Zeal Optics to see who could capture the best shred pic of live conditions. Big congrats goin' out to Riley McConaughey for winning our #gogglesdontlie contest  with this incredible shot.

Mr. McConaughey is the proud new owner of some Zeal Optics HD Goggles and a pair of Sierra Resort lift tickets. As your snow reporter who brings you the weekly episodes of the Goggles Don't Lie, I have a small favor to ask Riley... if you have any relation to Matt McConaughey, please give him your other ticket and be sure to grab me so I can film all the action!

All jokes aside, thank you for the great shot. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for an extra special pow edition of the Goggles Don't Lie. In case you haven't heard, there's snow in the forecast all weekend long and we should be measuring fresh pow in FEET by Monday!!!

02/02/2014 | By Leslie
Share Your Sierra

Instagram, it’s all the rave these days. If you had a rad day on the mountain, it’s like it didn’t even happen until you post your chair lift selfie shot and start racking up likes and comments! I’m guilty of contributing to this madness, just check out my Instagram feed @Leslieallison33.

I want to encourage all of you to Share Your Sierra by adding the tag #sierraattahoe to all your shred pics. Not only will our favorites be posted on our website, I’ll be selecting my personal favorites to be featured on this blog! I’m a sucker for a good shot of the mountain, the clouds, and of course, fresh tracks through the pow! Check out my favorite Instagram pics from this past weeks’ storm!

Shout out to @instasickpix, @_mattriley, @dylwah, and @robbbyyg25 for posting these incredible shots! Keep your shred pics coming and stay tuned as I'll be posting more of my favorites next week!

01/31/2014 | By Leslie

16” of fresh snow at Sierra!! When the tree tops are covered in pillows of powdery goodness, the clouds start to clear and beautiful bluebird skies stretch out above the mountain tops. These are the days we live for!!  With breathtaking views in every direction, I’ve concluded that I must be living in a dream.

I was lucky enough to spend my morning chasing fresh tracks with a snowboarding legend, our GM, and some really great friends!! Seriously, I have to be living in a dream world! I am far too spoiled for this to be real life! Here’s a glimpse into this beautiful dream known as the Snow Reporter's Life!


01/30/2014 | By Leslie
It's Snowing at Sierra!

I couldn’t be more excited to see snow falling from the sky! I’ve already received a dozen excited texts that read something like, “Sweet! You get to do your job! Report that snow, girl!” Stoked to know that all of my friends know what is truly important to me in life… SNOW!

I couldn’t sleep much last night because I kept waking up with high hopes of seeing snow outside my window. Around 2:00 am the storm finally turned to snow and it’s been dumping since! I had to take my usual 9:00 am ride break to make sure it was as much fun as it looked (after stopping by the repair shop for a quick wax, of course). Don’t be jealous, it’s quality control people!!

Screams of joy filled the slopes as happy shredders carved up the 3-6” of fresh snow! Lower Main and Aspen were my favorite runs of the day - complete with free refills, face shots, surprisingly smooth lines, and an excellent pitch that will keep you moving through the pow!

Even though Grandview and West Bowl did not spin today, the snow has been piling up all day and I’m really looking forward to when they reopen (possibly tomorrow!) Keep up the snow dances and I’ll see you on the mountain!

01/29/2014 | By Leslie
Change is in the Air

Tomorrow (January 30th) something very rare will happen, apart from getting our first big snow storm of 2014, we will have the second New Moon in the same month, which is known as a Black Moon. The Black Moon is said to appear much bigger in the sky, but hopefully we won’t even be able to see it through the storm clouds! This omen for change will arrive just as the storm door opens, so be patient....the snow will come! Even the moon is alligning to ensure it dumps!

The snow levels are expected to start pretty high up at 8500+ feet, but forecasts are calling for temps to drop late this evening, and then the snow levels should drop down to lake level pretty quick. With our base located along the crest, sitting just above 6800, we’re expecting a good foot or two of snow to pile up over the next couple days.

To make sure we get the most out of this snow storm, I’ve put together some of my personal snow day superstitions. You hear it all the time, get your snow dance on, belt out a snow call and wash your car, but there’s more that you could be doing to inspire the snow gods to dump copious amounts of pow on our mountains…

  1. Make Plans! The most fail-proof way to guarantee snow is to make big plans for vacation, or plan a big outdoor picnic. The more activities you plan that would be hindered by a winter storm, the more snow Mother Nature will deliver!
  2. Stack those Benjamins – eerr well Abraham’s! Just when you thought pennies were useless, they actually help to bring the pow! If you stack them high on every window sill, it will inspire Ullr deliver the goods. Every penny is said to bring in one inch so stack ‘em high and pray for snow!
  3. Turn Your PJs All Around! By rocking your PJ’s inside out and backwards tonight, it will let the snow gods know that you’re ready to party, in the snow! Sport two different colored socks if you feel like taking this to the extreme!
  4. Get All Your Homework/Chores Done! Alright, so this last one isn’t a superstition but it’s a great tip. When you wake up in the morning with tons of fresh snow and no work lined up, you’ll be free to shred all day long. You’re welcome ;)

I’ve been taking part in most of these rituals since early childhood, so join me in doing all that we can to inspire the snow gods! Don’t stop dancing and stay tuned to our web cams to see the snow pile up!