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11/23/2011 | By Leslie
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from your Sierra Family! We hope you all enjoy a day filled with family, friends, football, and of course - tons of Turkey and Stuffing! Maybe you prefer toast and popcorn like Charlie Brown & friends!

No matter what delicious dishes you cook up for your Thanksgiving Dinner – eat a ton of it and make sure to work it off with a snow dance after!!

11/14/2011 | By Leslie
La Niña, Where Are You?!

On behalf of the Sierra-at-Tahoe family, I want to thank everyone who made it out to this year’s Pray for Snow bash hosted at Opal Nightclub! Even with the amazing turnout, Mother Nature is still taking her sweet time to deliver the snowfall we danced all night for!

Once the party heated up, our Blizzard Mountain Mascot, Ralston led the crowd through the “La Niña” contest including Sierra Resort Trivia, La Dolce & Chicle, and Snow or No Snow! We gave away some cool prizes including a season pass, a brand new ROME Snowboard, new snow gear, and tons of local gift certificates!

Ralston was busy all night making sure everyone had a great time at the party by snapping photos with the kids and handing out sweet prizes!

My favorite part of the contest was the “Dolce & Chicle” contest – it was hilarious to see everyone’s face covered in whipped cream as they struggled to blow a bubble with the gum they had to find! Everyone loves watching people get a little messy!

Another awesome Pray for Snow Party in the books, but it doesn’t seem to be enough! Keep doing your snow calls and dances so Mother Nature will bring the lovely lady "La Niña" back soon!!

11/09/2011 | By Leslie
Praying For Snow at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort

My first week as the new Snow Reporter at Sierra Resort was filled with more fun than I expected! I will be spending my winter on the mountain and in a small office filled with a LOT of personality and laughter!

This week, a few of my coworkers (Steve Hemphill & Eric Rhodes) discovered their hidden hula hooping talent, and now they just won't quit! Steve is on a mission to beat the world record for hula hooping....will this "snow dance" inspire Mother Nature to deliver another 763 inches of snow fall just like last season? I sure hope so!!!

I'm gonna leave the hula hooping snow dances to the experts, but I will be doing my own snow dance this Thursday November 10th at our annual Pray For Snow Party at Opal Nightclub inside Montbleu Casino. Hope to see you all there, be prepared to show off your best moves!

For more information on the BEST pre-season party on the South Shore, click HERE!!!

10/31/2011 | By Steve
Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween we've posted a photo and a few videos for you to enjoy. Happy Halloween. 

Sierra employees "working hard" this Halloween! 

Insane Halloween Light Show.

Classic Halloween Tune

The Exorcist Remix

Trick or Treat! 

10/25/2011 | By Steve
Feeders to Downtown Throwdown

What do you get when you put scaffolding, rails, snow, 90 degree weather, 30 plus amature shredders, and a mall parking lot together... an AWESOME time.  This past Saturday the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento played host to The Feeders Rail Jam. It was an awesome event and the riders were going mental. If you missed it make sure you DO NOT miss this weekends Downtown Throwdown in San Fran at the Fulton Street and Larkin Civic Center. Top pros will be throwing down, we'll be partying, have a table set up, and having a grand ol time. The winner of this weekends Feeders will also be competing... See you in the city.  


For more info on the Downtown Throwdown click HERE!!!