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03/02/2012 | By Leslie
Chair Lift Confessions

My favorite part of being the chief snow reporter here at Sierra is taking my ride breaks each day right around the time the first chair spins. Obviously this is a sweet perk because I get first tracks every day, but what I also love about it is meeting new and interesting people while riding up the chair lift. I know why I love Sierra, but I wanted to get the inside scoop straight from our loyal guests to see what they love about the resort.

To break the ice, I started off by asking where they were from. I wasn’t surprised to find that two people were from South Lake Tahoe, two were from Folsom, and one dedicated rider drove up from San Francisco.

To make each conversation interesting, I asked each person if they could be ANY animal what would they be and why. These answers really told me a lot about each of them and showed me why they ride at Sierra.

When a South Lake Tahoe local told me he would want to be a cow, I couldn't help but laugh at this bizarre response. He explained that he chose a cow because they have “such a chill life” and that his idea of a fun day at Sierra includes taking some turns through west bowl and hanging with his friends.Sounds to me like he’s already got that “chill life” down to a science.

My favorite animal choice came from another Tahoe local who wants to be a leopard so he can be camouflaged and nobody could ever catch him. This leopard wanna-be really enjoys seeking out stealth powder stashes under the Grandview chair line while staying under the radar and far ahead of his friends.

The dedicated rider from San Francisco said he’d love to be a mountain lion so that he could always be the “king” of the mountain. His favorite run at Sierra is Castle, which leads me to believe that riding at Sierra helps him to feel that he is a part of the “royal family.” When I catch a glimpse of this view, I feel like royalty too!

I was pretty stoked when I asked each of them to describe the vibe at Sierra in two words because all of their responses were exactly the way I feel about the mountain as well.  In the words of these guests, Sierra is a super chill, laid-back, home-grown resort that is always the local’s choice.

These chair lift confessions give you a glimpse into the awesomeness that is Sierra-at-Tahoe! With 40+ inches of fresh snow and the best conditions of the season, now is the time to come up and experience our chill, laid-back vibe!

02/28/2012 | By Leslie
10 Things I LOVE About Fresh POW!

There are countless reasons to love fresh pow! Beyond the obvious AWESOME factor, I'm going to share my top ten reasons with my fellow powder hounds!

1.       Snow Days

Growing up in Lake Tahoe, more specifically Christmas Valley, there was nothing I looked forward to more than waking up to see FEET of fresh pow outside! Pair that with an announcement that all schools will be closed, and you’ve got a town full of STOKED kids playin in the snow!

2.       Champagne Face Shots

Let’s face it, nothing makes you smile like getting a splashed in the face with a ton of champagne powder! If that’s going down all day, take some time to thank the snow gods because you’ve hit the fresh pow jackpot!

3.       Freedom

On powder days, those who aren’t ready in time for first chair will be left behind.  As much fun as it is to share your day on the slopes with family and friends, most times the freedom of choosing your own path through the fresh pow is the only way to go!

4.       Ear-to-Ear Grins

Powder days are always a blast, from 1st chair all the way through to last call in the Pub. At the end of a long powder day, my cheeks are always super sore from the ridiculous smile that’s been plastered on my face ALL DAY – if that doesn’t happen to you, you’re doing something wrong!

5.       Feeling Weightless

Carving down a mountain covered with tons of light n’ fluffy, powdery goodness gives you the feeling of being weightless, just like you’re floating on a cloud. As far as I’m concerned, this is exactly what heaven is like.

6.       Powder Pockets

Something about the way the snow piles up on the tree-tops, makes days like this feel like a dream. The powder pockets that form around the mountain are just like bits of hidden treasure for fellow powder hounds to seek out!

7.       Sledding

When you’re looking to have a fun day in the snow with your little ones, sledding is absolutely the way to go! With fresh pow all around, it’s impossible not to have a blast!

8.       So Fresh & So Clean!

I have always loved how clean everything looks right after a snow storm in Lake Tahoe. The trees sparkle as powder pockets build up on them, the ground glistens with tons of pretty white snow covering it, and even the cars shine a little brighter as they haul around some of that fresh powdery goodness!

9.       Snowball Fights

I don’t know a single person that doesn’t LOVE a good snowball fight! Personally, I enjoy the element of surprise when initiating snowball fights, but you have to be prepared for the backlash!  If you‘re serious about a snowball fight then I highly recommend that you build a couple forts for protection, prepare a big pile of snowballs, and get ready for some FUN!

10.   Pow Beards

Last, but definitely not least, the true sign a of a man having a great day in some fresh pow…..the Pow Beard! Take your trusty snow reporter’s word for it - the ladies love a good pow beard – especially when you’re sporting it with an ear-to-ear grin!

Join me this week as I continue to count the ways that I love fresh pow! NOAA and the Sierra Weather Discussion are projecting this storm system to bring in another two to three FEET of fresh powdery goodness by tomorrow afternoon!!!

02/16/2012 | By Leslie
First Tracks Lead to Gold

It’s no surprise to me that snowboarding has become one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. The rapid progression of this sport and the many youngsters pushing it to new heights inspired me to look into how young these icons were when they entered the world of snowboarding.

Sierra’s professional snowboarder, Hannah Teter, found her love for snowboarding after strapping in at age 8. Teter, now 25 years old, has already earned an impressive medal collection including her Olympic gold (2006) and silver (2010), in addition to her X Games medals, one gold, one silver, and a pair of bronzes and counting!


One of Sierra’s top skiiers, Maddie Bowman, first put on a pair of skis at the age of 4 and quickly climbed to the top of countless podiums. At the young age of 17, Bowman has already earned first at Dew Tour, scored a Winter X Games silver medal in Women’s Ski Superpipe, and she continues to pursue her 2012 dominating campaign!


Three time X Games gold medalist, Jamie Anderson, started snowboarding at the age of 9 as a part of the Sierra-at-Tahoe Team. She quickly made a big mark in the snowboarding world as she became the youngest X Games gold medalist at the age of 15. After dominating yet again at the 2012 Roxy Snow Pro, Anderson jumped up into the World No. 1 position in the TTR Slopestyle Tour Rankings and is now tied with Kelly Clark for the 8th TTR Overall Tour Rankings!

All of these riders have one important thing in common – they started the sport young giving each of them years of experience as a competitive edge. On average, it only took these athletes 6-10 years to go from first tracks to top of the podium.

Up to this point the industry has taught kids as young as 5 or 6 to ride. However, Sierra is changing the game with its commitment to learning, by teaching 3-6 year olds the fun and art of snowboarding in Yoda’s Riglet Park! Younglings and Padawans will learn using the ways of the Force through interactive drop-in nodes showcasing custom-made wood carvings of R2-D2, C-3P0, Chewbacca and more!

With kids now able to start out as young as 3 years old, many of them could reach podium status before they hit double digits or even become teenagers. There’s no telling where this sport can go, but one thing is clear – the force is strong at Sierra as more younglings and padawans enter the mountain each day!

02/14/2012 | By Leslie
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow powder hounds!

As the snow reporter for Sierra-at-Tahoe, I’m happy to let you all know that I’ve got a very dreamy date to meet up with this morning. My date makes me the happiest girl in the world, just like I’m floating on a cloud! So who is this mystery date, you ask???

Well, you may have heard of him…..First name -  FRESH, last name -  POWDER!!!

10" of fresh pow under Grandview Express Chair Lift on 2/13/12

You're welcome to join me on my date with Mr. Pow!! Catch first tracks before the crowds show up by jumpin on Easy Rider & West Bowl at 8:30am for the early load - pass holders ONLY!

Hope everyone enjoys the 14" of new snow on this beautiful bluebird day!

02/09/2012 | By Leslie
The Sweet Life of A Snow Reporter

As the chief snow reporter for Sierra-at-Tahoe, my lifestyle is quite different than most. My work day begins not-so-bright and VERY EARLY at 5am. People are constantly asking me, “How can you get up so early and still sound so excited to be at work every day?” Well, before joining the Sierra Family, I never considered myself to be a morning person at all; those of you who know me well can vouch for me!! However, the many perks of this job make each day totally exciting and worth waking up for!

Upon arriving at the Resort, I found myself mesmerized by the beauty of this area as the clouds hung low around the mountain tops and the full moon peeked out from behind the snow covered trees. Lucky for all of you, I took a break from piecing together the giant puzzle known as the snow report to go snap a photo so I could share this magical moment.

After a few hours of reporting the excellent surface conditions, miles of fresh corduroy, and the debut of a brand new terrain park on Upper Main, I couldn’t wait to go check it all out for myself! This brings me to the number one perk of working at Sierra Resort, first chair is only a few steps away!

When you start your day off in the dark, you can imagine how exciting it is to catch that first glimpse of the sun at the top of Grandview Express – it was just the inspiration I needed to write this blog!

As a South Lake Tahoe Local, I've become quite jaded when it comes to good snow conditions. Thanks to the North-facing slopes of the mountain, the hard work of our grooming crew, and the 77 inches of snow we've received so far this season - surface conditions have remained excellent! Coming from a spoiled local - that says a lot! Carving down fresh corduroy like this every day makes it pretty hard not to completely love working at this resort!

Even though I have to start my day far before the crack-of-dawn, I get to spend my time in a beautiful paradise known as Sierra-at-Tahoe….well that truly is “livin’ the dream!” Hope all of you make your way up here at some point this season to join me in this sweet life in the snow!