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04/19/2014 | By Leslie
Top Moments of the 2013-14 Season

As the end of another season creeps in, I can't help but reflect on all the great memories we've made this year! I’d like to give a big shoutout to all of our loyal fans that continue to support us year after year! Here’s a look back at some of the season’s top moments:

5. Terrain Park Parties
Our terrain park crew consistently delivers top-notch features all season long and we love seeing you out there jibbin’ away!

4. Jamie Anderson’s Annual Give Back with Love Sponsorship
It’s heartwarming to see the unconditional love and support Jamie has for this community. This day was pure magic – you can imagine how stoked these 8 kids were to get hooked up with a season pass and a full set-up, head-to-toe! Even better, they got to spend the day shreddin' with Jamie and her sisters!

3. The Solstice Plaza
This was a game changer for sure! After investing over $5 Million and countless man hours into the new Solstice Plaza, it was incredible to see the base area transform and come alive with live music from the Live at Grandview Music Series. As many of you know, I also work with On Course Events to produce the Live at Lakeview Summer Concert Series! I was beyond proud to see our talented team bring those same great vibes up to the mountain!

2. Golden Celebration
There must be something in the water! Three Olympians and two gold medals returned to Sierra this season and we celebrated in true Sierra fashion – with the ENTIRE Lake Tahoe Community out on our brand new plaza deck! Couldn't be more stoked to have Maddie Bowman, Jamie Anderson, and Hannah Teter representing Meyers, Lake Tahoe, and Sierra on a global stage!

My personal top moment of the season took place on Tuesday, April 1st – no april foolin! This was absolutely the BEST powder day of the season and I was lucky enough to have the whole day off to shred with a great crew of people.

In the end, that’s what it’s all about – getting out on the hill shredding great snow with great friends and making memories to last a lifetime!

What is your #1 moment of 2013-14?

03/30/2014 | By Leslie
Best Pow of the Season

Today felt just like Christmas morning at Sierra! With 16" of snow overnight and 40" in the last 5 days, conditions are POWtastic!

The snow is soft and buttery, that real COLD smoke pow!  The stoke level is extremely high today, and it's easy to see why, this was absolutely the best powder day I've had this season!

Today was ALL TIME, topping off an already incredible week of fun on the hill! I know it's hard to believe conditions are this awesome as we near the end of March, but it's true! Check out the fun I had with some of our loyal passholders on the early load we had at Grandview this past Thursday...

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03/26/2014 | By Leslie
Fresh Tracks

The first round of storms came in a little stronger than expected last night, dropping 8-10 inches of fresh pow across the mountain. Spring freshies are the best and there's more on the way! I strapped in for first chair this morning to catch a few fresh tracks on Castle and haven't been able to wipe the grin off my face since! With conditions this spectacular at the end of March, can you blame me?!

Skies cleared out this morning for a bit, but winds have carried in the next band of precip and NOAA is calling for another foot or so to drop before we spin lifts tomorrow.

Early Load Alert! Plan on gettin' here early tomorrow! We're raising the stoke level even higher for season passholders with an early load on Grandview Express tomorrow morning! That's right, if you have a Sierra Season Pass, you will get to load Grandview starting at 8:30 am! West Bowl won't open 'til 9:00 am but a few laps down Castle will surely satisfy your pow fix.

See you on the mountain!

03/25/2014 | By Leslie
Spring Freshies on the Horizon

Spring may have sprung but Old Man Winter is ready to fight back with a pack of snow storms lined up over the next 7-10 days! Storm clouds have started to roll in at Sierra and we're expecting snowflakes to start falling later this afternoon.

I am certainly not a meteorologist, but I've had a blast geeking out on the active weather patterns lined up for the next week. According to NOAA,, and AccuWeather forecasts, there are two major systems heading our way this week and each of them holds the potential for about a foot of fresh snow. While the forecast models can't seem to agree on exactly how much snow will fall, they remain consistent with most of the snow falling along the crest. Thanks to our resort's founder, Vern Sprock, Sierra sits right along the Sierra crest and tends to receive the brunt of snowfall brought in by winter storms.

Another great thing about this beautiful location our founder chose for the resort, is the base elevation sits at 7300 ft and goes all the way up to 8852 ft at the top of Grandview Express. Snow levels will start out above 7000 feet, but should drop rapidly down to 5000 feet by Wednesday morning, before the heavy snowfall begins. If the storms come in as NOAA is forecasting, we could be shreddin' through 12-18 inches of new snow by Thursday morning! Here's a quick peek at the Canadian forecast model through Thursday for some perspective:

We might see a few lingering snow showers on Thursday and Friday, but don't worry my fellow powder hounds, another cold front is expected to push through on Saturday, potentially dropping another foot or so by Sunday morning.

With all this snow lined up, the big question that remains is when should you plan to ride? Obviously - every day you can get on the mountain is a great day! But if you're looking to maximize your pow riding, Thursday and Sunday look to have prime conditions with up to a foot of fresh snow and mellow weather throughout the day!

Stay tuned for updates as the storms start to roll in and keep up those snow dances! 

03/21/2014 | By Leslie
Live at Grandview Music Series Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Springtime at Sierra is the best! Soft turns, warm weather, and outdoor concerts on our brand new plaza deck! We’re kicking off the Equinox Spring Festival with a huge party tomorrow as The Soft White Sixties rock the slopes for our concert of the Live at Grandview Music Series. Local Favorites, Vokab Kompany will be opening up the show at 2:00 pm. This will be the first of three free, outdoor concerts that aim to bring the great vibes of the local’s summertime favorite, Live at Lakeview, to the slopes.

The Soft White Sixties were named as one of Paste Magazine’s “Top 25 Shows at SXSW” and they are just returning from rocking their third season at the popular Austin, TX festival.  While they are considered to be a jam band the lead singer, Octavio Genera, told our friends at Tahoe Onstage, “It was never meant to be a jam band; it was meant to be song focused. It’s never been a jam (planned) for the set,” he said. “It’s a lot better when it happens naturally. It’s always more enjoyable when we don’t plan for that to happen.”

Their new album, “Get Right” was released in early March as an organic collection of soul-driven anthems, heart-felt choruses, sticky grooves, and clever arrangements. Like the object after which The Soft White Sixties are named, this band shines!

The Soft White Sixties will be joined by some Good Kompany as San Diego’s Vokab Kompany opens up the show at 2:00 pm. Vokab Kompany is made up of two MC/singers, backed by their 4 piece band of awesome. Their live show combines multiple synths/keys with bass/drums to create a sound that doesn't quite adhere to a specific genre, but seems to fit the bill with several.

Every time Vokab comes to town they are welcomed with a huge crowd in true Tahoe fashion not only because of their awesomeness, but also because Robbie Galle (one of the MC’s) has roots here in South Lake Tahoe. He’s a South Tahoe High grad and his two younger brothers are still living here in town.

I seriously cannot wait for this dance party! Hope to see all of you there!