Steppin' Up My Game!


This weekend I discovered that Women’s Camp and professional instruction is not just for beginners. I’ve been riding for 15 years and feel confident getting down any terrain from the greens to double black diamond and I quickly discovered that there was still plenty for me to learn.

With about a baker’s dozen of lovely ladies in the camp, I felt relieved to be surrounded by other female skiers and riders looking to step up their game. The first day of this two-day camp was filled with a heavy focus on technique and a little bit of freestyle fun! We analyzed the movements each woman was making as we carved down the mountain. Our instructor Kirsty explained the proper techniques with diagrams in the snow and really helped us to understand how each of us could improve our carving techniques.

The slightest adjustments to how you flex into a turn can make a huge difference in your riding and I noticed it right away. After practicing the new techniques Kirsty shared with us, I immediately felt more control in my turns and could maintain my speed with more confidence and finesse!

Beyond improving my riding, I also enjoyed spending the day with some super fun ladies (Bridgette, Patrice, and our instructor Kirsty.) It was helpful to watch these other ladies learn the same new techniques and have them there to talk it all out with.  

Today I went out for a few laps with some of the skiers to get a feel for how their weekend was going. They started off the day by watching some of the footage filmed on Saturday to see how good they looked, and check out what they needed to work on today.

This group focused heavy on technique and posture throughout West Bowl. Their instructor, Lauren, talked them through a turn in slow motion to help each movement really sink in.



If you missed out on this round of Women’s Camp, don’t fret – we’ve got another one coming up on March 9 & 10. I highly recommend joining the group for a super fun day on the slopes and come step up your own game!!