The Start of a New Chapter


The Mayan’s missed it, that’s for sure! Obviously, the world didn’t end, so today marks the start of a new chapter, one filled with TONS of fresh pow and a winter season like we’ve never seen before! I had a feeling the world wouldn’t end on the first day of winter, because let’s keep it real….Mother Nature owes us BIG TIME after such a weak winter season in 2011-12.

SNOWMAGEDDEN is here and the storms have officially arrived at Sierra Resort. I woke up to 3-4 inches of snow down in South Lake Tahoe and trekked through the 6-8  inches of freshies to get up to the resort as the snow continued to come down hard. I still made it here in time to deliver your 5 am snow report so you could plan out your day!

NOAA is calling for another 10-14” to fall throughout the day inching us closer to the 200” mark for our season total! I predict that we will even surpass last year’s season total of 233” just in time for Santa’s arrival!

Shout out to everyone that came out to spend what could have been your last afternoon with us at the Last Tap Brew Off. The votes are in so get excited…'ll get to enjoy the delicious taste of 21st  Amendent's "Bitter American" in the Sierra Pub all season long!

Enjoy the newest beer, all the freshies, and keep the snow dances going…clearly it has been working!