Spotted At Sierra


As the season winds down and the temperatures start to get warmer, our guests’ quirkiness starts to shine a little brighter! Yesterday I took my usual ride break around 9am to discover just how silly people were starting to get out on the hill! In keeping up with my snow reporting duties, I was snapping photos all around the resort when I noticed a few guests that really stood out…

Spotted at Sierra….the Cookie Monster and his friend Mr. Hot Dog were enjoying a fabulous day of spring riding at Sierra Resort!

As many of you know, this is our final weekend for the 2011-12 season and I hope to see even more outrageous costumes out on the hill! Especially on our final day of the season, Customer Appreciation Day on Monday April 23rd! This celebratory day has become widely known by the locals as “Pirate Day” so you can expect a day of $20 lift tickets, sunshine, and plenty of pirates all around the resort!

Get your crazy costumes ready, and keep your eyes peeled for your trusty snow reporter on the slopes and you could be the star of my next blog!!