The Goggles Don't Lie


This morning I had the pleasure of taking out a pair of brand new ZEAL iON HD Goggles so I could show you the real deal of what's going on around the mountain. Located in the frame of the goggle the Zeal HD Camera Goggle captures 1080p HD quality video and can shoot up to 8 megapixel photos for quick, easy HD imagery without having to take off your gloves. Super rad! On top of that, they also happen to be among the highest quality goggles on the market!

This week, you can join me for a tour of a few of my favorite runs as you catch a glimpse at the fresh cords from your favorite Sierra Resort snow reporter's point of view!



The goggles don't lie...tune in with me every Friday to catch the real deal of what’s going on at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. See you on the mountain!