Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge - Q&A Wednesday with Dodgeball Tournament Competitors


To kick-off the early season energy, Sierra-at-Tahoe is re-vamping the annual Pray for Snow party and bringing you back to your childhood days with the Sierra Snowball Fight – a Dodgeball Tournament! This Thursday at Brothers Bar & Grill, be ready to DODGE, DUCK, DIP, DIVE AND DODGE as your team competes to be the champions of the inaugural Sierra Dodgeball Tournament!

Whether you are competing in the tournament or watching the games go down, you can enjoy contests, giveaways, food & drink specials, and live music all night long as we celebrate the snowfall and pray for more!

Sierra season pass holders are getting hooked up with free appetizers and 2 free drinks from 6:00-7:00pm so come early and be ready for another awesome Sierra-at-Tahoe celebration!

Coveted Trophy for the Champions

Are you curious about the teams competing for the title?! Don’t worry, your favorite snow reporter is officially back on the scene and I’m bringing you the inside scoop on 2 of the 12 teams to watch out for this Thursday night.

By the way, there are still 4 spots left and it’s FREE to enter the tournament! Round up your strongest & fastest friends (5 people per team) and get yourselves signed up for all the action. Call our Events Manager, Katie Hunter, at (530)543-3139 to sign up!

Team 1 - South Shore Posse

This team includes 5 men from the On Course Events crew. These are the guys who brought you free concerts on the beach all summer long with Live at Lakeview, as well as the USASA Snowboard comps & rail jams every winter! Basically, these are the guys who make it all happen on the South Shore….hence the team name, South Shore Posse!

I had a brief Q&A session with the South Shore Posse’s team captain, Rob Giustina, who says, “We’re stoked to represent the South Shore!”

Q: Can you give me a hint about the uniforms you’ll be rockin’ tomorrow night?!

A: All I can share is there will be a lot of highlighters involved in the making of our uniforms!

Q: What training has the South Shore Posse been doing to prepare?

A: Extra safety meetings before each practice battle. You can never be too safe on the dodgeball court.

Q: What is your team’s secret weapon?

A: Joey P. He’s small, nimble, and quick! Definitely a difficult target to hit!

Q: What is your team’s mantra?

A: Go glow or don’t go!

Team 2 - LTTV Rooftop Shuffle

The second team comes from our local TV station at Lake Tahoe Television. They’ve put all filming on hold to train vigorously night and day! Well, not really but they do spend a lot of time training on the rooftop of their house on Venice Ave. Their training ground has becoming the inspiration for their team name, LTTV Rooftop Shuffle.

I had a brief Q&A session with the team captain and Director of Sales at LTTV, Mike Peron. Check out what I discovered about the LTTV Rooftop Shuffle team…

Q: Can you give me a hint about the uniforms you’ll be rockin’ tomorrow night?!

A:They will involve capes, fur, sweat bands, & neon colors! Get ready!

Q: What training has the LTTV Rooftop Shuffle team doing to prepare?

A: Squats, lunges, & of course, plenty of 12 oz curls on the rooftop. There may have also been some wrenches involved.

Q: What is your team’s secret weapon?

A: Reed Dickert, previously a major league pitcher, is ready to knock all the other teams out of the tournament.

Q: What is your team’s mantra?

A: If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

Join your Sierra Family, reconnect with powder hounds you haven’t seen since the last snowfall, and practice your 5 D's.... It's gonna be a good night!