Ditch Those Pre-season Blues


Despite the colder temps and vigorous snow dancing, Jack Frost has yet to make his official entrance for the season. This has caused a pandemic to spread rapidly and many of us have caught it… the pre-season blues, the winter itch, an insatiable craving for fresh pow; whatever you want to call it, winter is on the brain! While the cure for pre-season blues is still in the R&D phases, I’ve gathered a few tips from all the seasoned pros here at Sierra that will provide some temporary relief and prepare you for a snow-filled season ahead!

1) Get your gear in check
There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for the first day of the season. Don’t be that guy/girl, scrambling for your other glove and hastily trying to apply a fresh coat of wax to your skis while all your friends are snagging that coveted first chair of the season.

Pull those boards/skis out from the back of the closet and show them a little love. I prefer to take my board into the pros at one of the many Powderhouse locations in South Lake for a full tune up this time of year.  While you’re at it, unpack all of your winter gear – from base layers, to goggles, outerwear, and gloves; make sure it’s all in good shape and treat yourself to some fresh digs if you can spring it. Wouldn’t hurt to get your Sierra Season Pass on lock as well! FYI, our Season Pass Office is open Monday-Friday to get you set up.

2) Go Outside
Check a couple more hikes off your list or get your adrenaline pumping with a few mountain bike laps before we fall into winter. Life is always better outside, so get out there and enjoy it!

If the cold temps (or your desk job) are keeping you indoors, you’ll have to use a little creativity to get blood pumping, but your quads will thank you the first time you slash up a fresh pow line. Our General Manager, John Rice, recommends wall sits and cookies to get those quads burning at the office.

3) Prep for the first big storm
The two smartest things you can do to prep for winter is tune up your snow blower and purchase some new snow tires before the first big storm hits. If you don’t own a snow blower, I suggest making some baked goods for your closest neighbor who does! A little baked love (or a 6 pack) can go a long way in this little mountain town!

4) Practice sacred rituals
Skiers and snowboarders tend to be very superstitious with all sorts of wild rituals to entice the snow gods. Breakin’ it down with your best snow dance, beltin’ out your loudest snow calls, and washing your car are all great ways help inspire the snow gods to bring in the goods!

5) Gather and celebrate
When you come together with good friends and family who share your passion for snow, all your worries quickly melt away. Add in some rockin’ live music, killer food and drink specials, and a dodgeball tournament and you’ve got one heck of a pre-season party! Join us at Steamers this Thursday as we gather and celebrate the lifestyle that unites us all. The party starts at 7pm with passholder appreciation from 6-7. See you on the court this Thursday!