Circuit Chatter

12/09/2010 | By Brooke
Sierra Short #1 Drops

Sierra Short #1 takes you through Sierra's early opening day to first park openings. Pow turn to big spins, 2010/11 blasts off.

12/07/2010 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 2: Bashful Opens

Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday contines. Early season snow, yeah, we got that. Early season jump an djib lines in Bashful, we got that too.

12/02/2010 | By Brooke
Sierra Ranked Top 10 in Transworld Resort Poll

Ah Thank You, Thank You Very Much! A big shout out to the TransWorld SNOWboarding readers for all the love shown in this year's Transworld Resort Poll!  Sierra was voted:

  • #7 Overall
  • #10 Best Parks
  • #4 Value
  • #7 Vibe