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01/14/2011 | By Brooke
Game of SNO unfolds during the opening of The Alley

Sierra team riders and Tahoe Dangerzone front man Nick Visconti presented us with a challenge we couldn't refuse: Game of S.N.O., North Shore vs. South Shore. The contenders rolled into The Alley on the park's opening day for the 2011 season. Typical Cali sun blazed down as defenders and offenders faced off on the mellow jump and down round bar. Dew Tour shred Sam Hulbert battled Sierra's Nikki Weiss on the jump. Spin for spin, grab for grab, these two were nearly perfectly matched up as they tried to out trick each other for hours. Meanwhile, Nickie Fresh represented North Shore shredders against South Lake's original Scotty Banger on the rail. Nick's jib skills are undeniable, but his knees were shaking in his tight pants as Scotty opened up his bag of tricks. Scotty found Nick's weakness with back 270's and cab 270's hardway. As the sun was settling, snow dominator Jordan Nield dropped into a downhill race against North Lake's Tim Eddy. Dying to know the final score? You'll just have to wait for the next episode of Tahoe Dangerzone, coming your way soon.

01/12/2011 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 7

Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday unfolds Session 7. Honestly, we're pretty much pumped to have opened our Superpipe earlier than ever. Remember kids, this is South Shore's ONLY Superpipe. The action doesn't end there. We're in the midst of rolling out a tweaked park layout across the mountain. Our goal is to deliver fun and progressive features for all levels. Yes, that's you, grom or pro, Sierra's Park Crew is here for your enjoyment. Follow the Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday sage at


01/06/2011 | By Brooke
Recap of the Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam

Were you still hurting last Sunday from your NYE shenanigans? Did you miss the Volcom PBRJ at Sierra? Don't fret, here's a solid recap from our friends at Volcom. Results can be viewed here- check out which Sierra riders are going to the Championships in April.

01/04/2011 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 6

Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 6 in your face! From urban wall rides and buttery boxes at the Volcom PBRJ to massive snow pushing for South Shore's only Superpipe, your favorite park crew has been bustin out. And as the theme of the winter season goes, the snow keeps falling. With this much base, we can only imagine what the park crew has planned. Check it out at

01/03/2011 | By Brooke
Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam

Volcom once again rang in the New Year at Sierra yesterday with the Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. We're always stoked to host this event and each year we look forward to designing a fresh 3 feature set-up. This year, the theme was all about "trickery" with a mellow c box and 30' narrow down box. An urban style wall ride was thrown in to keep the kids on their toes. Big congrats to Sierra riders Julianne Bracket (1st place Women), Tre Charrette (5th 15 & Under) and Scotty Hoffman (4th place Open)! They threw down variety and steez to thwart off a competitive field of 110 riders.