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03/08/2011 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 16: Is it Recording?

Here it is, the park boys' very own session of Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday. We're pretty dang lucky here at Sierra to have a family of talented filmers. Lane Power, with Wojtek Targosz as a stand in, has been the genius behind many of our TPTT videos. He has a way of making us look well spoken and sharp! This week, it was all up to the boys to capture the goods. Yeah, they can ride, but filming is a whole other ball game. How do you think they did? Are you a better amateur filmer? Prove it and we'll declare you champ! Upload your video to

02/20/2011 | By Brooke
Powderdise at Sierra

Welcome to your winter's wildest dream. Nearly 9 feet has softly piled well over head high. Top to bottom, back to front, rippers at Sierra are blasting through nature's most downy foundation. Terren Gomez captures the experience on his 35mm camera with Sierra skier Colby Albino.


02/15/2011 | By Brooke
Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday Session 11: Getting loose in The Aspens

Terrain Park Takeover Tuesday: Yeah, it's been spring-like out there, but not for long as this storm rolls in tough. Before winter returns, our shreds got down and nasty with the jump line in The Aspens. Quick laps over a large double jump line- exactly the recipe Terrain Parks wanted to stir up for the local boys to have fun.

02/14/2011 | By Brooke
Sierra Pros and Ams Dominate Dew Tour and Gatorade Free Flow Finals

There must be something in the Sierra Snow 'cause our athletes are on fire. Jamie Anderson once again secures herself as the Dew Cup reining Champ with two slopestyle firsts and a second in the 2010/2011 Dew Cup Series. And to further prove her contest-dominating season, Jamie just won the Arctic Challenge. Whatcha gonna do with all that cash Jamie?!

Seventeen year-old South Shore local Maddie Bowman charged the 22’ pipe at Dew Tour Championships to not only make it to Dew Tour Finals but to secure 4th place. Adding 9’s to her bag of tricks launches Maddie into the top level of female pipe skiing.

Julianne Brackett has built a reputation as Sierra Resort’s next female shred star by charging the Dew Tour slope course with vigor in the Gatorade Free Flow Finals. Congrats on your 2nd place Julianne!

Ready to explode on the ski slope scene are Sierra locals Cesar Rodriguez and Robbie Franco. Both turned heads during the Gatorade Free Flow Finals. Cesar landed his first contest switch 12 and Robbie put together a run legit enough to score him first place. See ya in the Dew Tour next year Robbie!

02/04/2011 | By Brooke
Sierra Short #2 Drops

Thanks to Grow Up Productions, the second installment of Sierra Shorts comes your way. From banister rails to Bashful lines, this quickie won't leave you unsatisfied. Click below to check out moves from team riders Nick Visconti, Nikki Weiss, Jordan Nield, Scotty Hoffman and Jack Lyle as well as friends B.J. Linne and Ben Wynn.