Scott Amoroso


Scott Amoroso aka "Scoot" may be one of the most underrated snowboarders in Lake Tahoe. Amoroso is always charging whether he is in the park or out in Huckleberry Canyon. Quiet and humble Amoroso lets his snowboarding speak for itself.

Rider Bio

Name: Scott Amoroso

D.O.B.: 4/27/85

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Sponsors: Sierra-at-Tahoe, Sentury, MiLo, Yofi

Why do you ride Sierra? Best natural terrain, best parks, best vibes! 

Dream date and why? Mobbing thru the bay on an elephant with Keeayshawn. She is a hot little rapper hailing from the East Bay. 

Who is your hero? Russell Brainard. My best friend. R.I.P. 

Favortie quote? "Life, Love, Lust & Loot" - Captin Morgan