Boarding For Breast Cancer Shred the Love

April 8, 2017
All day event

Sierra at Tahoe is stoked to welcome back our friends at @B4BC for B4BC's Shred the Love Event on April 8, 2017!  We will be celebrating with a full day of live music, a rail jam contest, yoga, live art + auction, a huge raffle and plenty of good vibes! For more info on the event and to become a fundraiser (fundraisers do have a prize incentive!), be sure to check the link below!


Event Timeline:
8:00-10:30     Registration (Rail Jam)
8:30               Vendor Booths Open
8:30-9:30       Mellow Flow Yoga
9:00               Silent Auction Opens
11:00-12:00   Rail Jam Practice + DJ
12:00-1:00     Rail Jam Comp + DJ
1:30               Awards
2:00               Tribute Ride
2:30-4:45       Live Music from the Truckee Tribe
3:30               Raffle
3:45               Silent Auction Closes
4:00               Vendor Booths Close

See you April 8th :)