Kids Just Have More Fun

​Sierra-at-Tahoe's on-mountain themed adventure zones feature terrain elements such as rollers, mini jumps and banked turns that keep children entertained, while signage and animated characters educate them on local history and animal species.

Each adventure zone focuses on a theme and our Wild Mountain Ski and Snowboard school lessons incorporate the unique terrain and various interactive activities to help children improve their skiing/riding while learning the stories of the resort.

The Wampa Cave

Straight from Planet Hoth, the Wampa, hibernates here during the winter. Be careful not to wake him up or you'll hear a fierce roar!

Gold Rush

See the mineshaft full of gold! Be careful to avoid the shooting bandits as you make your way around the banked turns and through the old town. Black Bart is on the loose, can you help us find him?​

Trail Map for Kids

Children participating in Wild Mountain lessons have the opportunity to explore these zones in a unique way and collect mementos to take home and remember the experience.

The kid's trail map to the right makes it easy and fun for kids and parents to navigate through the zones.

Kids, why not lead your parents on an adventure and show them what you learned!