Dyn-O-mite Conditions at Sierra!


A foot of fresh snow and continuing snow showers means only one thing to this snow reporter - it's storm shreddin' time! As I dropped into one of my favorite black diamond trails, Dynamite, I had miles of fresh pow ahead of me and fresh beats in my headphones. The one and only Snoop Dogg was playing the soundtrack to my shred mission, which couldn't be more fitting as I had my mind on the POWDA, and the POWDA on my mind. Fresh tracks, powder pillows, and perma-grins! Aaaahhh storm shreddin' - it's good for the soul!

This is the winter I remember. Best of all, NOAA is forecasting more snow every single day throughout the next week! Stay tuned to sierraattahoe.com and this blog as I'll be updating you all week as the snow piles up. Party on powder hounds!